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albityo [albítyo] n A permit or rental fee for space to sell in the market; a rental fee for a parking space. renta, buwis Nagbabadar sida it albityo pag nabaligya it isra sa mercado. He is paying a permit fee if he sells fish in the market. (sem. domains: - Hire, rent, - Sell.)

atado [atádo] vt To bag, bundle things for sale (as of sugar or firewood for retail). Ing-atado nako kag inog-baligyang kahoy. I bundled the wood to be sold for retailing. (sem. domains: - Sell.)

baligya [balígyà] 1n Items to sell. (sem. domains: - Sell.) 2v To sell, be sold something. magbilí Nagbaligya it bugas kag ida nanay. His mother sold rice. (sem. domains: - Sell.) der. inug-baligya 3v To auction an item (as of chickens at a fiesta dance to raise money). (sem. domains: 6.8.4 - Financial transaction, - Give, donate.) 4vt To trick, play jokes on somebody who doesn’t know the language; to “take somebody for a ride”. ipinagbili Ingbaligya sida sa ida mga kaibhanan nak daok pa sida’t inra bisaya. She was tricked by her companions because she still doesn’t know the language. Ingbaligya si Jesus ni Judas Iscariote sa guberyno it Roma. Jesus was betrayed to the Roman government by Judas Iscariot. (sem. domains: - Tell a lie, 4.2.8 - Humor.) 5v To trick, take advantage of somebody in money matters; to betray somebody for money, bribe. pinagbibili Waya nakakasador tong inra Mayor nak sida yaki ay ingbabaligya. Their Mayor hadn’t known that he was already misrepresented by someone. (sem. domains: - Betray, - Cheat.) 6v To misrepresent something, somebody. (sem. domains: - Tell a lie.) der. baligyaan , der. binaligya , der. ibaligya , der. inog-baligya , der. pagbaligya

bangkita [bangkíta] n Side of the road; sidewalk; footpath (as of where people sit on the ground and sell produce). Kabarato pa kag baligyang utan sa bangkita kisa tong sa pwesto sa merkado. The vegetables sold along the sidewalk are cheaper than the ones sold in the market stall. (sem. domains: - Road, - Sell.)

binaligya [binalígyà] (der. of baligya) n Sold items. (sem. domains: - Sell.)

binta [bínta] 1n Financial take, money from sales (as of during a day or a certain time. This includes capital outlay and profit). binta Waya’t binta kami ngasing nak adlaw. We made no sales today. (sem. domains: - Sell.) 2v To have a financial take, money from sales (as of during a day or a certain time. This includes capital outlay and profit). Nabibintahan it mga dos mil kag ida baligyang bugas. The rice she’s selling earns P2,000.00 in sales. (sem. domains: - Sell.) der. bintaha , der. bintahan , der. bintahusa

bintahan [bintáhan] (der. of binta) n Cash drawer; shop counter; cash register; sales-apron with pockets for money. Kag inghuman nak bintahan ni Nory ay sako it arina. What Nory made into a sales-apron was a flour sack. (sem. domains: 6.7 - Tool, - Sell, 5.3.4 - Clothes for special occasions.)

groseri [gróseri] 1n Grocery store; store for manufactured, canned goods. groserya Nagpamakay ako it mga kailangan sa kusina sa groseri. I brought my kitchen supplies at the grocery store. (sem. domains: - Buy, - Price, - Store wealth, - Bargain, - Store, marketplace, - Sell.) 2v To buy, shop for groceries, manufactured, canned goods. Naggroseri si Lany it kuman tong aga. Lany bought groceries earlier this morning.

ibaligya [ibalígyà] (der. of baligya) 1n An Item to be sold. ibibénta (sem. domains: - Sell.) 2v To sell a certain thing. (sem. domains: - Sell.)

inug-baligya [inug-baligya] (der. of baligya 2 sell) n Time to sell (anything). (sem. domains: - Sell.)

kadab₂ [kadáb] id To sell out an item very quickly. madaling maubos Pustaan, kinang ida isra ay akadabon yang it mga tawo. I bet you, the fish he’s selling will be sold out to people very quickly. (sem. domains: - Immediately, - Quick, - Sell.)

manuglako [manuglákò] n Vendors. (sem. domains: - Sell.)

pagbaligya [pagbalígyà] (der. of baligya) ger Selling. (sem. domains: - Sell.)