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alugbat [alúgbat] n Plant species which is an edible green leafy vegetable that tastes like spinach, where the leaves and stems of young shoots are used in stews. libáto [It is a climbing plant known as Malabar Nightshade. ] Basella rubra (sem. domains: - Food from leaves.)

bago₁ [bágo] n Plant species with large green leaves that is eaten as a vegetable. bágo, lamparan [Seeds are eaten either boiled or roasted, young leaves and tender tips are used as vegetable.] Gnetum Gnemon (sem. domains: - Food from leaves.)

chinese petsay [Chínese pétsay] (comp. of petsay) n Plant species; Chinese cabbage or pakchoi which has an elongated shape with a more loose head of crinkly leaves than Western cabbage. pechai [It makes a good salad, or is used as a vegetable. It is a fair source of calcium, phosphorus, and iron.] Brassica Pekinensis (sem. domains: - Food from leaves.)

gayabon [gayabón] n Plant species, root crops; taro; edible bulb which grows green leaves, used as a vegetable. Colocasia esculenta. (sem. domains: - Food from leaves.) comp. matatamnaney it gayabon kag imo liog

kadlitan [kádlitan] n Leafy vegetable, have thorns and light sour. (sem. domains: - Food from leaves.)

kano nak kulitis [kanô nak kulítis] (comp. of kano, kulitis) n Plant species; American spinach. (sem. domains: - Food from leaves.)

kinchay [kínchay] n Green leafy vegetable used in pancit. (sem. domains: - Food from leaves.)

kintsay n Celery species; kinchai. kinintsai [A glucoside, apiin, also found in leaves of parsley and other allied plants, and a volatile oil with characteristic smell are present. The volatile oil considered of great value to perfumer used in the combination with various perfumes, both are fixative and an addition, is most abundant in the seeds. The Chinese form is an excellent source of calcium and iron. The decoction of the entire plant is said to be diuretic and an emmenagogue.] Apium Graveolens (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine, - Food from leaves.)

tagabang₂ [tagábang] n The tops are eaten as a green vegetable (slimey). They are excellent sources of iron, calcium, and phosphorus. They are a good source of vitamin B and an excellent source of vitamin C. pasau-na-haba Corchorus Olitorius (sem. domains: - Food from plants, - Food from leaves.)

tangkong₂ [tángkong] (irreg. infl. kangkong) n Leaves and stalks like spinach used as a vegetable. kangkong (sem. domains: - Food from vegetables, - Food from leaves.)