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amaranhig [amaránhig] 1n Apparition of a dead person. (sem. domains: - Life after death, 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.) 2v To come back from death to haunt people; to appear as an apparition of a dead person (as of an evil experience). pabalik-balik Nag-amaranhig tong ida tatay tong namatay. His father died and returned to life that time he was pronounced dead. Kag tatay ay nag-amaranhig halin sa pagkamatay. Father had a dead person appear to him after that person had died. (sem. domains: - Life after death.) 3v To appear, turn up after a long absence (as of a joking comment). (sem. domains: 8.5.3 - Be at a place.)

asa₁ [ása] (dial. var. nasa) v Is, are (as of being somewhere, in a location). [Also "was, were, will be" depending on the time and the number of people or things involved. These are forms of the English verb "to be".] (sem. domains: 8.5.3 - Be at a place.)

bilin [bílin] 1n Last request, instructions, advice, will (as of someone leaving on a journey or close to death). habilin Kag huling bilin it ida lola bag-o mamatay ay sunugon kag ida yawas. The last words of his grandfather before he died was to have his body burned. (sem. domains: 2.6.6 - Die, - Say farewell.) 2n Things intentionally left behind somewhere. (sem. domains: 9.1.3 - Thing, 7.5.9 - Put, 8.5.3 - Be at a place.) 3v To leave something, somebody behind (either intentionally or unintentionally). iwan Inabilin ni Lito sa bayay kag ida anak kung nag-uuwang. Lito leaves his child behind in the house when its crying. (sem. domains: 7.5.9 - Put, 8.5.3 - Be at a place.) comp. nabilin kag buot , der. pabilin , der. pabilin-bilin

gantaw [gantáw] v To crawl out from a confined space (Banton). (sem. domains: 8.5.3 - Be at a place.)

kalalawran [kalaláwran] n Place; location reached. laot Hariin ray arang kalalawran nakaabot sina Nancy. What place did Nancy and her friends reach. (sem. domains: 8.5 - Location, - North, south, east, west, 8.5.3 - Be at a place.)

katipunan [katipúnan] n Place to meet in order to help or do something (as for bayanihan “group effort” work). tagpuan Kag bayay ni Jake it magiging katipunan it mga trabahador. Jake’s house will be the place where the workers will meet. (sem. domains: 8.5.3 - Be at a place, - Approve of something.)