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amatong [amátong] 1n A very large basket for storing grain, root crops or vegetables (as of after harvest); a basket granary that will hold 24 sacks of rice. (sem. domains: - Store the harvest.) 2vt To store grain, root crops or vegetables in a very large basket (as of after harvest). inimbak Inra ing-amatong kag inra bag-ong tubas nak payay. They stored their newly-harvested rice in their basket granary. (sem. domains: - Store the harvest.)

bahayon [bahayón] n/adj Stored rice which is dried and milled after it has turned slightly brown. [This can be mixed with white rice for cooking so it will look whiter in appearance.] (sem. domains: - Food storage, - Store the harvest.)

binulto [binúlto] (der. of bulto) adj By the sack, wholesale, bulk (as of buying things in large amounts e.g. one or more sackfulls of rice at a time). sinako Binulto kag ida baoy it bugas. He got the rice by wholesale sacks. (sem. domains: 6.9.3 - Marketing, - Store the harvest.)

bulto [búlto] 1n A sack, bag (as of for storing grain, dried coconut etc.). (sem. domains: - Food storage, - Store the harvest.) 2v To bag, put something in a sack (as of grain, dried coconut etc.). (sem. domains: - Store the harvest.) 3v To mentally calculate, estimate the approximate weight and price of an animal being sold. (sem. domains: - Evaluate, test, - Mathematics.) comp. bulto it bugas , der. binulto

kamarin [kamarín] n Rice granary. Kag inra kamarin nak puno it payay ay nasunog. Their rice granary which was full of rice was burned. (sem. domains: - Food storage, - Store the harvest.)

magey [magéy] n Hessian sisal woven into sacks for coconuts, peanuts. (sem. domains: - Store the harvest.)

sako [sáko] n Sack; to hold 25 gantang. Ingsuyor sa sako ni Emil kag ing-ihaw nak iro. Emil put the butchered dog in a sack. syn: kustal 2. (sem. domains: - Store the harvest.)

usunan [usunán] n Granary. imbakan ng palay Kag usunan it payay nina Sally ay sementado. The rice granary belonging to Sally is cemented. (sem. domains: - Store the harvest.)