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ambit [ámbit] sta 1To resemble, appear or look similar to somebody or something. magkahawig, magkapareho Maambit ikaw kang Maria pag magtaba-taba ka pa. You’ll resemble Maria if you grow a little bit fatter. Naambitan kag inra tabas it baro. gThe design of their dresses looks similar. syn: tuyar 1.1, pareho, hawig, tugma, parehas 1. (sem. domains: - Appearance, - Like, similar.) 2To resemble, appear or look similar to eachother (as of two or more things). (sem. domains: - Appearance, - Like, similar.) der. paambit

guroy-guruyon [guroy-guroyón] adj Rough surface or edge (like wood). magaspang (sem. domains: - Ugly, - Appearance, - Calm, rough, - Look.)

hab-as [háb-as] adj Heavy handed; uneconomical; profilgate; quickly uses up or consumes something. madaling maubusan Si Joanna ay abang hab-as magsukar kada nagkuyang kag kan-on. Joanna is heavy handed with the food when scooping it out so there was not enough rice. (sem. domains: - Lack, - Appearance, - Waste, 6.1.2 - Method.) comp. buko mahab-as

hitsura [hitsúra] 1n Appearance; showing (as of a person being seen). (sem. domains: - Appearance, - Appear.) 2vbt To recognize somebody. namukhaan Nahitsurahan nako katong nagbaoy it ako kwarta. I recognized the one who took my money. (sem. domains: - Appearance.) id. waya it kahuhitsura

hurma₂ [húrma] 1n Mark; a reprint made by using a carbon paper (e.g. drawings, writings, etc.). (sem. domains: - Show, let someone see, - Appearance.) 2vbt To reproduce using carbon paper. Nagpahurma yangey ako it drawing dahil daok ra ako maghuman. I reproduced the drawing using a carbon paper because I don’t know how to make one. (sem. domains: - Copy, - Same, - Pattern, model, - Imitate.) 3vi To draw, leave a mark on something (as of a mark from dirty hands on clothes, or to draw the outline or shape of a circle using a glass). latay Naghurma kag ida damot nak bulingon sa ako baro. His dirty hands left a mark on my dress. (sem. domains: - Show, let someone see, - Show, indicate, 3.6.5 - Correct.) der. pahurma

itsura [itsúra] 1n Appearance; expression; features. pagmumúkhà (sem. domains: - Appearance.) 2vbt To remember, recognize somebody by his appearance. Ako sida maiitsurahan pag ako sida makita liwat. I will be able to recognize him if I’ll see him again. (sem. domains: 3.2.6 - Remember.)

jas-jas [jás-jas] adj Ordinary, nobody (as of rank, importance). Aya gibastusa kinang rayaga dahil buko kina jas-jas kag pamilya. Don’t abuse that lady because their family is not an ordinary family. (sem. domains: - Appearance, - Emphasize.)

paambit [pa-ámbit] (der. of ambit) vi 1To make something look similar to something else (as of people or things). CHECK (sem. domains: - Appearance, - Like, similar.) 2To get, become involved; to make somebody join in (as of in a group activity). CHECK Mapaambit kono sida sa ato grupo sa trabahong kali dahil kuyang ka ida mga gamit. She said that she’ll just involve herself in our work because she lacks the materials for her own. (sem. domains: - Include, - Participate.)