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amin₁ [amín] vbt To greet, farewell someone older by bowing and placing the elder's hand on one's forehead for a blessing. halik sa kamay, mano Ato aamenan si Tatay isag. We’ll ask Tatay later for his hand blessing on our foreheads. [This is the traditional greeting or farewell gesture of respect by younger members of a family or community to their elders. It conveys love and affection, and requests the blessing from the elder, somewhat equivalent of a kiss or is followed by a kiss. The elder responds by praying for or pronouncing a blessing on the person. This is still a custom seen as people greet their elders in church, especially following eucharist or communion.] (sem. domains: - Bless.)

bugay [bugáy] n 1Grace; blessing (primarily of physical, material blessings given by God). grasya (sem. domains: - Bless.) 2To receive blessings; to be blessed, shown grace (primarily of physical, material blessings given by God). (sem. domains: - Bless.)

bugna [búgnà] 1n Blessing (primarily physical or material). bugna Ato namamasran kag mga bugna it Dios sa ato ay sa iba-ibang parayan. We notice that God’s blessings to us are in many different ways. (sem. domains: - Bless.) 2v To bless somebody; to be blessed (primarily physically or materially). Waya it tawo nak waya gibubugnai it Diyos sa ida mga maadong pagsisikap. There’s no person that God doesn’t bless in good undertakings. Imaw kali kag kayaki nak ingbugna sa ako it Diyos! This is the man that God blessed me with! (sem. domains: - Bless.)