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amok [ámok] v To go beserk, crazy and injure, murder people; to run amok. amok [This is a term that has been adopted into English from Asian and other non-Western countries.] (sem. domains: - Kill.)

badaran₁ [badarán] n 1Person paid to do something bad, illegal (as of a prostitute paid for sex or a hitman hired to kill somebody). bayaran Sa Bridge Connection ay karamong kabading badaran. There are a lot of prostitutes at the Bridge Connection. (sem. domains: - Pay, - Sexual immorality, - Kill.) 2A person being paid to do something bad, illegal (as of a prostitute paid for sex or a hitman hired to kill somebody). (sem. domains: - Pay, - Sexual immorality, - Kill.)

bikti [bíkti] v To commit suicide. bigti, patiwakal Pagkatapos it away, nagbikti tong usa sa inra. After their quarrel, one of them committed suicide. (sem. domains: - Kill.)

hobyas [hóbyas] adj 1Killed. napatay Waya it nakakaayam kung pila kag mga hobyas nak pasahero rutong bus. Nobody knows how many passengers in the bus were killed. syn: tusla 2, matay. (sem. domains: - Kill.) 2To empty something (e.g. to remove all food from a container). (sem. domains: - Take something from somewhere, 7.4.6 - Not have.)

ihaw₂ [íhaw] vt To slaughter an animal. ihaw, katay Sauno aihawon kag baktin? When will the pig be slaughtered? (sem. domains: - Kill.)

patay [patáy] 11.1v To die. patay Namatay si Tang Pinsoy. Uncle Pinsoy died. (sem. domains: 2.6.6 - Die.) 22.1excl Something stops working; light goes out; had it. Patay kina! That’s had it! (sem. domains: - Working with electricity.) 33.1vt To kill; to murder. mamatáy Ingpatay nida tong ida hali kada sida’y nakulong. He killed his brother that’s why he was imprisoned. (sem. domains: - Kill.) id. namatay kag isip

tudas [túdas] vt 1To win, gain victory, make a clean sweep of the opposition (as of in a gambling game). nanalo Nagtudas sida sa sugay. He won in gambling. (sem. domains: - Win.) 2To kill, wipe out, do away with all one's opposition or enemies (as of taking revenge on the family of one's enemy). pinatay Ingtudas ninra tong mga hali it inra kaaway. They killed the relatives of their enemies. (sem. domains: - Kill.)