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anak [anák] 1n Child; baby; son; daughter (as of any age). [As of S, D i.e. a lineal descendant of any gender one generation below somebody (-1).] (sem. domains: - Child, - Son, daughter.) 2interj Child; my child; son; daughter. [term of address] (sem. domains: - Terms of endearment.) 3vt To give birth. Nag-anak kag amo uning it tatlong bilog. Our cat gave birth to three (kittens). Ging-anak ako sa Mindoro tong 1947. I was born on Mindoro in 1947. Permi sidang nagbalik-balik sa ida ging-anakan. She’s always returning to the place she was born. (sem. domains: 2.6.3 - Birth.) comp. abandonadong anak , comp. dios nak anak , der. anak-anak , der. anak-ának , der. anak-anakon , der. inanak , der. paanak , der. paanakon , id. anak sa bunyag , id. anak sa kasay , id. anak sa liwas , id. masyarong anak