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aninaw [anínaw] 1adj Dimly, slightly, barely, just visible or recognizable. aninaw Aya anay gipilhig nak maaninaw pa kag aga. Don’t go out because the morning is still dim (ie; it’s still early morning). syn: tuhob. (sem. domains: - Appear, 1.1.1 - Sun.) 2vt To see something dimly but not clearly enough to recognize it; to be barely, just, slightly visible. Naaninawan nako katong tawo sa karsada. I can dimly see the man in the street. Naaninawaney kag subat it adlaw. The sunrise is just barely visible now. (sem. domains: - Visible, 1.1.1 - Sun.)

eklipsi [eklípsi] 1n Eclipse. (sem. domains: - Visible.) 2v To have an eclipse. eklipsi Maeklipsi kono isag. It’s said there will be an eclipse tonight. (sem. domains: - Visible.)

kalabo [kalábò] adj Blurred. kalabo syn: karuyom. (sem. domains: - Visible.)

karuyom [karuyóm] adj Dark; blurred. madilim Waya nida nakita tong mananakaw dahil karuyom nak waya iwag. She didn’t see the thief because it’s dark and they had no light. syn: kalabo. (sem. domains: - Visible, - Dark.)

lipor [lipór] 11.1vbt To cover for somebody; to cover-up for somebody’s mistake. Inglipran it nanay kag sala it ida anak agor indi mahud-an. The mother covered-up the wrongdoing of her child so he won’t be embarrassed. (sem. domains: - Save from trouble.) 2adj Hidden; blocked from view. (sem. domains: - Visible.) 3vbt To block from view, wind; to protect somebody from something. sarhan, harangan Ida ako nalipran sa litrato. In the picture, she blocked me from view. Alipran nako sida sa ingkuran. I will block her view from the chair. (sem. domains: - Save from trouble.)

maaninaw [ma-anínaw] adj Dim (as of poor light and only slight visibility). (sem. domains: - Visible, 1.1.1 - Sun.)

nawar-an [nawár-an] (der. of waya) PH To lose something; to have something disappear. (sem. domains: - Visible.)

tago [tágò] 1n Hiding place; refuge; sheltered place. syn: kahimpitan 2, himos, hipir, palipor, tago-tago 3. 2adj Hidden; concealed. Abay-on gador it gobyerno kag mga nakatagong yaman ni Marcos. The government will really recover the hidden wealth of Marcos. (sem. domains: - Visible.)