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antar [ántar] 1n The distance between things, times or people (as of spatial, temporal or social distance). distansya Nag-antaran sinra pagsambatan it bola. They stood at a distance from each other when they played ball. Ing-antar nida kag pagtanom it mga kamatis. The tomatoes that he planted were kept distant from each other. (sem. domains: - Interval, space, 8.4.5 - Relative time.) 2adj Distant from eachother; wide apart, spaced well apart (as of when planting seeds, floorboards with a space between them). (sem. domains: - Interval, space.) 3v To move, put more distance, space between one thing and another (as of things or people); to move away from. (sem. domains: - Interval, space, 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.)

apok [ápok] 1n Distance travelled by something hit, blown or carried by waves (as of a ball when hit or a hat when blown or swept away by the waves). (sem. domains: - Far.) 2n Long, good hit in a game with a bat. (sem. domains: - Football, soccer.) 3v To be carried, blown, swept away by wind or waves (as of any object blown by wind or carried by waves); to spray, splatter, land somewhere depending on the size of the thing carried by the wind or waves. talsik Ing-apukan kami it taybo tong nagrayan kag dyip. We were sprayed with dust when the jeep passed by. Ing-apok kag inra baruto sa mayado. Their boat was carried away a great distance. (sem. domains: - Wave, - Wind, 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.)

buga₁ [bugá] 1n Toad's poisonous secretion (as of from the glands on its head which blow, spit out the poison). (sem. domains: - Parts of small animals.) 2v To squirt, spit poisonous secretion (specifically of toads from the glands on the head). dura Ingbugahan kag iro it paka. The frog squirted saliva on the dog. syn: bugwak 1. (sem. domains: - Animal movement.) 3v To squirt, spit out something harmful (as of fire flaring from bamboo canons, guns etc.). (sem. domains: 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.) 4n Chewed leaf medication, poultice blown, placed on the skin in traditional healing (as of ginger and rice chewed with medicinal leaves etc.). [This is seen to allow both the healing power in the juices of the leaves and in saliva to become part of the medication. It is used as a herbal remedy as well as in traditional spirit healing rituals performed by mediums, spirit healers. Such chewed material is often placed on the top of the head.] (sem. domains: - Traditional medicine, - Sorcery, - Medicinal plants.) 5v To blow saliva, put chewed leaves on someone as a traditional medication or in a healing ritual (as of a type of poultice made from ginger, rice and leaves etc., or a symbolic healing gesture performed by a medium, spirit healer). (sem. domains: - Traditional medicine, - Sorcery.)

hiwas [híwas] 1n Motion. (sem. domains: 4.3 - Behavior, 7.2 - Move.) 2vi To move around. To act, behave in some way; to go into, take action. (sem. domains: 4.3 - Behavior, 7.2 - Move.) 3vt To move something around (as of a fishing net). galaw Ahiwason nako kag ako damot nak kapilay. I’ll move tired arms around. (sem. domains: 4.3 - Behavior, 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.) comp. abang hiwas , comp. hiwas it hadop , der. paghiwas

hudong [húdong] vbt To move, shake, or sway back and forth (as of furniture, large, upright objects). uga Naghuhudong kag poste tong ingpapakando it mga kayaki kag mga waya it koryente. The pole was swaying back and forth when the men were fixing the power lines. Inghuhudong it mga anak kag kado agur mahuhuyog kag mga bunga. The children are shaking the kapok tree back and forth so that its fruit will fall off. (sem. domains: - Earthquake, 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.)

kambyo [kámbyo] 1vi To change (direction, speed of wind, river or somebody’s mood). iba Nagkambyo it rayan kag bagyo. The typhoon changed in the direction of its path. (sem. domains: - Vehicle, - Move back and forth, 7.7.3 - Kick.) 2vt To change direction, speed of vehicle. Sa tukaron ay ida ingkambyo sa segunda kag ida motorsiklo. On a steep road, he changed his motorbike to its second gear. (sem. domains: 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.) 3n Change of direction, speed (as of wind, river, somebody’s mood); gear change (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.). kambyo, liko (sem. domains: - Vehicle, 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.) 4vbt To give change in money back to somebody. Balor treynta pesos kag imo isra kada kag imo singkwenta ay akambyuhan nako’t beynte. Your fish cost 30 so that your fifty pesos will get a change of twenty. (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money, 3.3.5 - Offer, - Exchange, trade.)

kuhit [kúhit] v To dig into a small space to remove something as of coins from a money box. (sem. domains: 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.)

paatubang [pa-atúbang] (der. of atubang) v To turn something to face somewhere (as of an object, person or direction). (sem. domains: - Turn, 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.)

paibabaw [pa-ibábaw] (der. of ibabaw, babaw) v 1To go upstairs; to put something on the top of something. (sem. domains: - Move up, 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.) 2To go up in the air, upwards, above; to ascend (as of an airplane flying off into the sky). (sem. domains: - Move up.)

pasaka₂ [pasákà] (der. of saka) v To take, cause something to be taken upstairs or up to a different level. (sem. domains: 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.)

pasiladon₂ [pasiládon] vt To do something simultaneously with something else; to have two purposes in one action. pinakipadala Ingpasiladon yangey kang Betty it katong imo puno kag pagraya it mga papeles pa-Manila. Betty’s boss had her take the papers along with her when she went to Manila. Ingpasiladon nida sa paglibang it ida anak kag pagtawag sa mga bisita. She went to call the visitors and at the same time entertained her baby. Mapasiladon baga it pabakay it buyong pag pa Odiongan nak mapamaraka? Will you buy me some medicine in Odiongan at the same time you do your shopping? (sem. domains: 7.3.1 - Carry, 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.)

sagibin [sagibín] n 1To work together for free to move a whole house that has already been built. (sem. domains: 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.) 2To voluntarily work together; group work. (sem. domains: - Working relationship.)

tabo₃ [tábò] 1vi To join up; to meet (as of people meeting, rivers joining up, pieces of timber joining together). kita Nagtabo kag ragat ag sapa pag-inuyan. The sea and the river joined up when it rained heavily. Matabo ako kang Rosa sa inro hampig. I will meet Rosa near your place. (sem. domains: 7.2.2 - Move in a direction.) 2vt To close up an opening; to join things together (as of bringing, putting, joining things together e.g. stitching up an opening or tear in cloth, or joining pieces of timber together at a certain point). Ingtabo it doktor kag imo ing-operahan. The doctor stitched up the place where you had the operation. Atabuon nida kag nagisi nak baro nida. She will stitch up her torn dress. (sem. domains: 7.3.2 - Move something in a direction.) der. atabuan , der. patabo