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apas [ápas] 1n Rascally, mischievious children; endearment for children. anak, bata Tong apas ay waya it modong gador. That rascally child has no manners at all. [A colloquial term of affection and slight annoyance for rascally, mischievous children.] (sem. domains: - Child.) 2v To act childishly, immaturely, irresponsibly. Asing pay apas pa gihapon sida gihiwas? Why is it that he still acts like a child? (sem. domains: - Immature in behavior.) 3v To follow, go after somebody (as of a child after their mother). (sem. domains: - Follow.) der. paapas

bagtos [bágtos] n Term of affection and slight annoyance for children; "rascal". (sem. domains: - Immature in behavior.)

buhalhal [buhálhal] adj 1Indifferent; careless; untidy; irresponsible (as of an adult who should take more care of things). buhaghag Buhalhal pa gihapon kag anak nida ay rayaga. Her child is still carefree in her ways even though she’s a young lady. Buhalhal kung nagtatakos sida it uling kada kaisot kag usang balde.

Buhalhal kung nagtatakos sida it uling kada kaisot kag usang balde.

(sem. domains: - Below standard, - Immature in behavior, - Indifferent, - Careless, irresponsible.)
2Carelessly, loosely, poorly filled with charcoal (as of a bucket, container not containing a full quantity). (sem. domains: - Careless, irresponsible, - Work poorly.)

buragwak [burágwak] adj Wasteful of money, food or opportunity. (sem. domains: - Lose wealth, - Immature in behavior, - Spend.)

daya [dayâ] adj Childish; immature. (sem. domains: - Immature in behavior.)

gamgam [gámgam] v To get used to, form a habit (as of something bad or undesirable). Kag mga anak ni Mike ay nagamgam maghinagar it kwarta sa mga bisita. Mike’s children got used to asking money from their visitors. (sem. domains: - Immature in behavior.)

igong-igong [igong-igóng] adj Small underdeveloped, stunted, young, immature (as of young fruit that is hard, unripe and of little value, or of young people who are not yet ready for adult experiences). maliliit Asing ingpopoey nimo kinang mais ay pay puro igong-igong ra kina. Why did you picked those corn, it seems they have still small fruits. (sem. domains: - Immature in behavior, 1.5.6 - Growth of plants, - Grow, get bigger.)

inapas kag isip [inapás kag ísip] adj Childish thoughts. isip bata Inapas pa gihapon kag isip ni Mila ay di asawa’y. Mila still has childish thought even if she’s now married. (sem. domains: - Immature in behavior, - Child.)

isip bata [ísip bátà] idiom - Convert to subentry Childish thoughts. isip bata Waya nagustuhi ni Romy kag ida nobya dahil isip bata pa. Romy didn’t like the attitude of his girlfriend because she still had childish thoughts. (sem. domains: - Immature in behavior, - Child.)

kaparas [kaparás] (irreg. infl. maparas) adv Naughty; can’t sit still; always active. malikot Kaparasey kag ida anak nak maayamey magpanaw. Her child is always active because he knows how to walk now. (sem. domains: - Immature in behavior.)

ninya-ninyahon [ninya-ninyáhon] (dial. var. bini-binihon) adj Not used to hard work; sheltered; spoiled (as of a woman). (sem. domains: - Below standard, - Immature in behavior, - Spoil.)

pasaway [pasawáy] adj Disobedient; naughty. (sem. domains: - Immature in behavior.)

pasawayon [pasawayón] (der. of saway) adj Naughty, undisciplined, as of a child syn: pasabyawon 2. (sem. domains: - Immature in behavior.)

usyuso₂ [usyúso] 1v Nosey person; to be a sticky-beak. usyuso Nakiusyúso yang kag mga tawo ruto sa nasunog nak kotse. The people just went there near the burned car to be nosey. (sem. domains: - Obsessed.) 2n Naughty, mischievous. (sem. domains: - Immature in behavior, 4.2.7 - Play, fun.)

wayat buot [wayá't buót] (comp. of waya, buot) id Immature; irresponsible. [lit: without inner-being] walang isip Waya’t buot nak kabadi kag ida napangasawa. He married an immature woman. (sem. domains: - Immature in behavior, - Trust.)