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apas [ápas] 1n Rascally, mischievious children; endearment for children. anak, bata Tong apas ay waya it modong gador. That rascally child has no manners at all. [A colloquial term of affection and slight annoyance for rascally, mischievous children.] (sem. domains: - Child.) 2v To act childishly, immaturely, irresponsibly. Asing pay apas pa gihapon sida gihiwas? Why is it that he still acts like a child? (sem. domains: - Immature in behavior.) 3v To follow, go after somebody (as of a child after their mother). (sem. domains: - Follow.) der. paapas

ikog [íkog] 1n Tail, either of an animal as of the long curved tail feather of a rooster, or of an object such as a kite. buntót (sem. domains: - Fly, - Bird.) 2vt To follow somebody closely; to follow at one’s heels. Nag-ikog kag anak sa nanay tong nag-uli pa-banwa. The child followed at her mother’ heels when she came down to town. (sem. domains: - Follow.) comp. ikog it pagi