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aramuyan nako kag ako uda [arámuyan nakó kag ako úda] (comp. of ramoy, uda) id I will toughen myself, get up courage to approach somebody about something difficult (as of when needing to borrow more money). [lit: will-thicken I my face] (sem. domains: 8.2.3 - Thick, - Confident.)

karamoy [karámoy] adj Thick, heavy cloth. makapal Karamoy it tela tong nabakay nakong kamiseta. I bought a thick cloth kind of Tea-shirt. (sem. domains: - Hard, firm, 5.3 - Clothing, 8.2.3 - Thick, 8.3.6 - Made of, material.)

manipis [manipís] adj Thin fabric. manipis Manipis kina masyado para sa imo besti. That is too thin a fabric for your costume. syn: maramoy. (sem. domains: 8.2.3 - Thick.)

maramoy [marámoy] (der. of ramoy) adj Thick, as of a book; wide. syn: manipis. (sem. domains: 8.2.3 - Thick.)