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arimuhan [arimúhan] 1n An item got for free or at a very low price begrudgingly; a bargain. (sem. domains: - Bargain, - Cheap.) 2v To get an item for free or at a very low price. (sem. domains: - Price, - Cheap.)

barato [baráto] 1adj Cheap; inexpensive; low price. mura Barato kag lugit ngasing. The price of copra is low right now. (sem. domains: - Bargain.) 2vt To become cheap, low in price. mámurá Nagbarato kag presyo it lugit. The price of copra became low. (sem. domains: - Bargain.) der. baratilyo

groseri [gróseri] 1n Grocery store; store for manufactured, canned goods. groserya Nagpamakay ako it mga kailangan sa kusina sa groseri. I brought my kitchen supplies at the grocery store. (sem. domains: - Buy, - Price, - Store wealth, - Bargain, - Store, marketplace, - Sell.) 2v To buy, shop for groceries, manufactured, canned goods. Naggroseri si Lany it kuman tong aga. Lany bought groceries earlier this morning.

minos [minós] n Lacking in quality, not first class; poor quality; second class. (sem. domains: - Bargain.)

paaman₂ [pa-áman] (der. of aman) 1n A free extra item, bonus given with a purchase. Waya it paaman? Isn’t there one on the house? (sem. domains: - Add to something, - Bargain, - Free of charge.) 2vbt To give something extra for free with a purchase. dag-dag, pahiling Pagbakay nako it itlog sa merkado, ingpaamanan ako it usa. When I bought the eggs at the market, I was given one without charge. Ingpaamanan it tindera it ruhang bilog kag usang kilong kamote nak ako ingbakay. The storekeeper added two pieces of sweet potato without charge to the kilo that I was buying. (sem. domains: - Add to something, - Bargain, - Free of charge.)