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aringkingking [aríngkingking] adj 1Shamelessly flirtatious (as of a woman). (sem. domains: - Attract sexually.) 2Name of a song about flirting. (sem. domains: - Sing.)

daigon [da-ígon] 1n Traditional songs of the Christmas story in the old style Hiligaynon tunes and language. (sem. domains: - Christianity, - Sing.) 2v To sing traditional songs of the Christmas story in the old style Hiligaynon tunes and language. Ingwa it mga nagdaigon sa amo bayay it gab-i. There were people singing the traditional christmas story in Hiligaynon at our house last night. Nagdaigon kami sa inra tong Paskwa. We went carolling at their place last Christmas. (sem. domains: - Christianity, - Sing.)

dandansoy [dandansóy] n Song named after a man called "Dandansoy" (as sung by the girl who is sad when she has to leave him and go home). Dandansoy (sem. domains: 4.2.3 - Music, 9.7 - Name, - Sing.)

harana [harána] vbt To serenade. harana (sem. domains: - Sing.)

indi makabuylo [indî makabúylo] (comp. of indi, buylo) v 1To not be able to reach somewhere (as of a finishing line). (sem. domains: - Sports.) 2To not be able to reach the right pitch whether high or low (as of somebody who is tone dear, sings out of tune or can't reach a certain note). (sem. domains: - Sing.)

kalag-kalag [kalag-kálag] v To carol for money on All Sants' Day. (sem. domains: - Sing.)

kalibag [kalíbag] adj Out of tune; discordant; off key. sentunado (sem. domains: 4.1.6 - Disunity, - Sing, - Types of sounds.)

kaliwiti [kaliwíti] 1n Lefthanded. (sem. domains: - Right, left.) 2v To sing out of tune. (sem. domains: - Sing.)

kanta [kánta] 1n Song; song lyric. (sem. domains: - Sing.) 2vi To sing. Kaganda ka ida boses tong nagkanta. Her voice was beautiful when she sang. (sem. domains: - Sing.) 3vbt To sing a song; to sing a song to or for somebody. áwit Akantahon nako kali isag. I’ll sing this song later. Ingkantahan namo si Norma it “Happy Birthday.” We sang “Happy Birthday” to Norma. (sem. domains: - Sing.) der. kantada

kantada [kantáda] (der. of kanta) n Song, singing, cantata. (sem. domains: - Sing.)

kantura [kantúra] n Choir member. mang-aawit Si Julie ay kantura sa inra simbahan. Julie is a choir member in their church. (sem. domains: - Sing.)

praktis [práktis] v To practise. (sem. domains: 4.2.4 - Dance, - Play music, - Sing, 4.2.5 - Drama.)

tining₁ [tíning] 1adj High pitched voice. tining, mataas Kag ida boses ay matining. Her voice is high pitched. (sem. domains: - Sing.) 2vi To make one’s voice high-pitched. Ako apatiningon kag ako boses sa ato drama. I’ll make my voice high-pitched in our play. (sem. domains: - Sing.)

yagong [yagóng] adj 1Voice is breaking. Abang yagong it boses si Badlong. Badlong’s voice is really breaking. (sem. domains: - Sing.) 2Deep, bass voice. (sem. domains: - Sing.)