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ariya [aríya] vt 1To loosen, lengthen, let out or unwind a rope, tie or belt. luwagán Ing-ariyahan nida kag higot it baktin. He loosened the rope on the pig. Ariyahi baga ag ibaba kinang angkla para mag-pundo kaling motor. You lower all sails completely and lower also the anchor so this boat will stop. (sem. domains: - Loose, - Rope, string.) 2To lower, let down tarpaulin or a blind so that it hangs like a curtain. (sem. domains: - Roll up, - Lower something.) 3To furl, lower a sail (as of closing, rolling it up). (sem. domains: - Boat, - Roll up.) 4To be overly generous; to keep giving until none is left; to not be able to say no when asked for help. Inaariahan yang nida’t panao kag inra nabaoy nak isra aber kaisotey kag nabilin sa inra. He was overly generous in giving their caught fish to his friends even though so little was left for them. (sem. domains: - Many, much.) comp. ariya imbanda

baba₂ [babâ] 1n Shortness; lowness. (sem. domains: - Short, not tall.) 2adj Short of stature, height; low object. pandák (sem. domains: - Short, not tall.) 3vt To go down, descend, become lower (as of movements with more abstract or supernatural ideas). Ingbaba ninra kag bandera sa kahoy. They lowered the flag that’s on the pole. Ingbaba namo kag kahon nak sa lamesa sa sayog. We lowered to the floor the box that’s on the table. (sem. domains: - Lower something.) comp. mababa kag pagmuyat , comp. pamatyagan kung mababa kag sagnat , comp. pugar it mga mababa kag yupar , der. babaan , der. mababa , der. pababa

babaan [babá-an] (der. of baba) n Way down (as of a location). (sem. domains: - Lower something.)

babaw [bábaw] 1n Shallowness; shallow depth. (sem. domains: - Deep, shallow, 1.3 - Water.) 2adj Shallow. (sem. domains: - Deep, shallow, 1.3 - Water.) 3v To put down, place, lower something onto the top of something else. (sem. domains: - Lower something.) 4v To lay hands on someone in blessing or for healing (as of placing one's hands on their head while praying). patong Ingbabaw yang it Ginoo sa masakit kag ida damot ag sida’y naulian. God just put his hand down on the sick person and he got healed. (sem. domains: - Dedicate to religious use.) der. ibabaw , der. mababaw , der. paibabaw

huyog₁ [húyog] 1vi To fall, drop from a height (as of leaves, fruit off a tree). Naghuhuyog kag bunga sa puno aber buko pa hinog. The fruit is falling from the tree even though it’s not ripe yet. syn: taktak, yakrag 1, tikrag 1, lagas 1, unot. (sem. domains: - Lower something, - Fall.) 2vbt To drop something from a height (as of posting a letter, lowering a fishing net into water, dropping a coconut from a tree). Kung matawog sida sa nidog, sida ay mahuyog it butong sa ako. When he climbs up the coconut tree, he’ll drop a young coconut down for me. Nahuyugan ako it nidog sa uyo. A coconut fell on my head. Ihuyog nako kaling ako suyat ruto sa huyugan it suyat. I’ll mail my letter there at the post office. (sem. domains: - Lower something, - Fall.) 3vbt To have something fall, drop on a thing, person or place. (sem. domains: - Lower something, - Fall.) 4sta To fall from a height (people, objects); to fall from a high level to a lower rank, resulting in lower lifestyle. hulog Nahuyog kag anak sa hagranan kada nagtibaw. The child fell down the stairs so he cried. (sem. domains: - Lose wealth, 7.1.3 - Lie down.) 5v To miscarry, lose a baby prior to birth. hulog Nahuyog ka ida anak. Her child was miscarried. (sem. domains: - Miscarriage.) 6vt To buy an item or pay off a debt on instalment basis. hulog Mahuyog si Jun pagbakay it kang Ted baligyang kotse. Jun will buy Ted’s car that’s for sale on an installment basis. Mahuyog ako it diyes pesos ruto sa ako utang sa tinrahan. I’ll pay ten pesos towards my debt there at the store. (sem. domains: - Pay.) comp. nahuyog kag buot , der. huyog-huyugan , der. huyog , der. huyugan it suyat , der. ihuyog , say. nahuyog kag ako buot sa ida

ihuyog [ihúyog] (der. of huyog) 1n Something to drop from a height (as of posting a letter in the mail or lowering a fishing net into the water). (sem. domains: - Lower something, - Letter.) 2v To drop a certain thing from a height (as of posting a letter in the mail or lowering a fishing net into the water). (sem. domains: - Lower something, - Letter.)

pababa₂ [pababâ] (der. of baba) v To lower, make something go down, descend (as of objects e.g. lowering a flag from a pole, as well as abstract and spiritual things). (sem. domains: - Lower something.)

pabahar [pabahár] (der. of bahar) v 1To lower, put down the price of something. (sem. domains: - Cheap.) 2To let, make a water level go down, drop. (as of causing it to flow, drain away or dry up). (sem. domains: 1.3.2 - Movement of water, - Lower something.)