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ariya imbanda [aríya imbánda] (comp. of ariya) interj Lower sail! (as of a nautical command) (sem. domains: 7.5.4 - Tie, 9.2.7 - Interjections.)

balighot₁ [balíghot] n 1Cumberbund, with ends like a pyjama cord wrapped around the waist twice and tied. [Money is carried, hidden in the layers or folds of cloth, especially by old women.] (sem. domains: - Collect, 5.3.6 - Parts of clothing, 7.5.4 - Tie.) 2To wrap a cumberbund, with ends like a pyjama cord, around the waist twice before tying. (sem. domains: - Collect, 5.3.7 - Wear clothing, 7.5.4 - Tie.)

baskar [baskár] sta To unroll, unwind, untie, undo (as of ribbon, a knot or a sleeping mat). Nabaskar kag ida laso sa baro. The ribbon of her dress became untied. (sem. domains: 7.5.4 - Tie.)

bingkit [bíngkit] 1n Bundle of unhusked corn cobs tied together for hanging to dry above the fireplace, so the kernels can be used for seed. (sem. domains: 7.5.2 - Join, attach, 7.5.4 - Tie.) 2v To tie unhusked corn cobs in bundles for hanging to dry above the fireplace, so the kernels can be used for seed. tinali Ingbingkit nida kag mga nidog agor malupos giray-on. He tied the coconuts together in bundles so it’ll be easy to carry them. (sem. domains: 7.5.2 - Join, attach, 7.5.4 - Tie.) 3n Bundles of things tied together for hanging on both ends of a carrying pole hung across the shoulder(s) (as of corn cobs, coconuts, tin cans). (sem. domains: 7.5.2 - Join, attach, 7.5.4 - Tie.) 4v To tie things together in bundles for hanging on both ends of a carrying pole hung across the shoulder(s) (as of corn cobs, coconuts, tin cans). (sem. domains: 7.5.2 - Join, attach, 7.5.4 - Tie.)

budo₁ [budó] v To tie, knot, make a bow. (sem. domains: 7.5.4 - Tie.) der. pabudo

bugkos [búgkos] 1n Bundle (as of a number of things tied, bound together). (sem. domains: 7.5.4 - Tie, - Group of things.) 2v To wrap, bind cloth around something; to bandage. magbigkís Nagbugkos sida it purong sa uyo. He wrapped a handkerchief around his head. syn: gapos. (sem. domains: 7.5.2 - Join, attach.) 3v To tie in a bundle (as of sticks, wheat). Gingbugkos tong tatlo it Hapon ag gingraya roto sa Tabunan ag ingbaril it tong tatlong Hapon. The Japanese tied the three of them up together and took them to where they were buried and the three Japanese shot them. (sem. domains: 7.5.4 - Tie, - Group of things.) 4n Knot of hair tied at the back, top of the head (as of any knob-like style). (sem. domains: - Hairstyle, 7.5.4 - Tie.) 5v To tie the hair at the back of the neck in a knot (as of in any knob-like style). (sem. domains: - Hairstyle.) 6v To tie, tie-up things together for some purpose (as of restraining animals, people). (sem. domains: 7.5.2 - Join, attach, - Group of things.)

bugtas [búgtas] 1adj Unravelled, untied, undone (as of the handle of a basket carrying a heavy load). (sem. domains: - Rope, string, 7.5.4 - Tie.) 2v To come unravelled, untied, undone. lagot Nabugtas kag huytanan it ida basket sa subrang bug-at it raya. The handle of her basket was untied due to the heavy weight of the things she brought. (sem. domains: - Rope, string, 7.5.4 - Tie.)

gair [gá-ir] 1v To tie something somewhere. Gairan kinang baktin sa puno. tie that pig to the tree. (sem. domains: 7.5.4 - Tie.) 2idiom - Convert to subentry To be tied to the house; to be housebound; unable to leave the house (as of a busy mother). kulong Ako ay pay raog pa kag ulipon nak pirmi yang nak nakagair sa bayay dahil sa karamuong trabaho. It seems like I should be compared to a slave who is just always tied to the house because of lots of work. (sem. domains: - Busy, - Work hard.)

gakot [gákot] vt To tie by winding the string around something, shut securely. talian Inggakot nida it maado kag mga gaha dahil igwa kono it bagyo. He tied the windows securely because it’s said there is a typhoon. (sem. domains: 1 - Universe, creation, - Rope, string, 7.5.4 - Tie.)

guos [guós] vbt To tie with twine. talian Aguusan nako’t maado kag mga haligi it bayay agor indi maguba. I will tie the twine very well around the post of the house so it will not collapse. (sem. domains: - Rope, string, 7.5.4 - Tie.)

habor [hábor] 1adj Untangled. 2vt To untangle something. kalag (sem. domains: - Tangle, 7.5.4 - Tie.)

hagkos [hágkos] 1n Something bound around the waist; a girdle (as of a cloth tie worn as a support underneath clothes e.g. after childbirth). (sem. domains: 2.6.3 - Birth, 5.3.7 - Wear clothing, 7.5.4 - Tie.) 2vi To bind around the waist; to wear a girdle (as of a cloth tie worn as a support underneath clothes e.g. after childbirth). Naghagkos sida pagbyahe agor indi sida mahilaban. She wore a girdle when travelling so that she wouldn’t feel nauseated.

harat [haràt] adj To weave mats loosely (i.e. not well done) buhaghag, luwag Abang haratey ra sida magyaya it banig dahil malaboey kag mata. She now weaves mats loosely bacause her eyes are already blurred. (sem. domains: - Weaving cloth, 7.5.4 - Tie.)

hinabor [hinábor] vt To undo, unravel, untangle, unknot, untie (as of rope or fishing net). kalagin Hinabura kinang bunang agor indi mautoy. Untangle the thread so that it won’t have to be cut. (sem. domains: - Tangle, 7.5.4 - Tie.) der. hinaburon

hubar [hubár] vt To untie; remove (as of lace up shoes, clothes, jewelry). kalag Inghubar nida kag higot it manok. He untied the tie on the hen. Hubara kag imo panika baka mawagit. Remove your earrings, they might get lost. syn: likwar 1.2, kapyos 1, payos 1, huslo 2, tangkas, hukas 2. (sem. domains: - Set free, - Tangle, - Rope, string, 7.5.4 - Tie.)

hugot₂ [hugót] 1adj Tight; firm (as of the grip of a person or octopus). masikip Hugot kag sinturon sa ida. The belt is tight for him. Dapat nak masigurado nato nak húgot kag pagkahugot it kaling baktin para indi makabuhi. We must make sure that this pig is tied up tightly so that he won’t get free. syn: huot 1. (sem. domains: - Tight, 7.5.4 - Tie.) 2vt To tighten something. Ahugton nako kag pisi sa liog it baktin. I’ll tighten the rope on the pig’s neck. (sem. domains: - Tight, - Tangle, 7.5.4 - Tie.) comp. ayugaan ag hugton ray , comp. hugot sa buot , comp. hugot sa tigipusuon , der. hugot-hugot

huwag₁ [húwag] n Vine used to tie things (as of building a roof); rattan. baling uway Nagbakay sida’t huwag nak mahulip sida it bubongan. He bought a vine used to tie because He will mend their thatched roof. (sem. domains: 1.5 - Plant, 7.5.4 - Tie, 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)

pabudo [pabudó] (der. of budo) n A tie, knot, bow. VERB (sem. domains: 7.5.4 - Tie.)

pitik₂ [pitík] 1n The tie, rein on the buffalo sled when it’s harnessed, used to flick, whip the animal into motion. pitik, tali Waya nida nahuyte kag pitik it kabayo pagmaliya. He didn’t hold the reins of the horse when it bolted. (sem. domains: 6.3.2 - Tend herds in fields, 7.5.4 - Tie.) 2n Marking string. 3v To flick with one's fingers, rubber band, veins. Apapitikan ka nako it lastiko pag indi ka gitungon it agit-agit sa ako. I’ll flick a rubber band on you if you won’t stop teasing me. Apitikon ninra kag uyo it maning-maning. They will flick the heads off the dragon flies with their fingers. (sem. domains: - Throw.) 4v To flick with a whip as of a water buffalo. (sem. domains: - Throw.)

syamber [syámber] v Knottted tightly as of string and rope; feet get tangled together. (sem. domains: 7.1.3 - Lie down, - Rope, string, 7.5.4 - Tie.)