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asawa nak kabade [asáwa nak kabáde] (comp. of asawa, kabade) n Wife. [lit: spouse which female] asáwang babáe (sem. domains: - Husband, wife.)

asawa nak kayaki [asáwa nak kayáki] (comp. of asawa, kayaki) n Husband. [lit: spouse which male] bána (sem. domains: - Husband, wife.)

tig-kayaki [tig-kayakí] adj Groom’s side. (sem. domains: - Related by marriage, - Husband, wife.)

usa₂ [usá] 1nmrl The number one. (sem. domains: - One.) 1.1nmrl One (especially of quantity). isa Imbakay nako kag usang bilog yang. I bought only one of them. Tig-dos kag usa. One is two pesos each. [The Bantoanon system of numbers (1-10) is used alongside the Spanish system. The Bantoanon system indicates quantity while the Spanish system indicates price or time.] 1.2adj Once; one time. (sem. domains: - Number of times.) 2nmrl 3v alone 3.1v To do something alone, on one's own. Nag-usa sida sa pagsakay sa tren. She rode the train alone. (sem. domains: - Few, little.) 3.2adj To be alone, on one's own when doing something. Nagpanaw sida’t mag-usa. She walked alone. (sem. domains: - Few, little.) 4v 55.1vt To do something one-by-one; one at a time. Usa-usahon it muyat kag mga pasyente. The patients will be seen one at a time. (sem. domains: - One.) 66.1nmrl Fellowship; unity. (sem. domains: 4.1.5 - Unity.) 6.2vi To unite, to become be bound as one , as of being married, having one's heart, become one (sem. domains: - Husband, wife.) comp. aber pilang asawa ay pweding makita pero kag nanay ay ausa yang , comp. bawat usa , comp. ingpakig-usa ka inra mga puso , comp. kag usang siki ay sa yubnganan , der. ausa , der. magka-usa , der. pahig-usa , der. pakausa , der. usa’g-usa , id. sa usa ag usa , id. sa usag usa