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asi₁ [ásì/asî] ques 1Why? bakit Nak asi gador nak nahadlok ka, inggwa baga it murto. And why are you afraid, is there really a ghost? (sem. domains: - Question words.) 2Why!; why did you do that?; what did you do that for? (as of rebuking someone). [The literal asî "why" must be used carefully because it often connotes a rebuke (sense 2). To avoid misunderstanding the question phrase ní-o kag rasón nak ásing...? "what is the reason why...?" can be used instead.] (sem. domains: - Discipline, train.) 3What happened, what went wrong?; how come, how did that happen? (as of a range of questions for information about a sudden unknown event). (sem. domains: - Question words.) comp. asing indi

higpit [hígpit] 1vt To be strict (with children, money). higpit Ahigpitan nako kag pagtao it kwarta agor indi sida magpakagasto. I’ll be strict in giving money so he won’t squander it. (sem. domains: 3.6.5 - Correct, - Discipline, train, - Act harshly.) 2adj Strong hold, grip. Mahigpit ka ida hudot sa ako. He has a strong hold on me. (sem. domains: - Angry, - Control.)

istrikto [istríkto] adj Strict. higpit Istrikto kag ako naging maestra kada nakatuon ako. My teacher was a strict one that’s why I learnt well. (sem. domains: 4.5.3 - Exercise authority, - Discipline, train.)