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asupre [asúpre] n 1Sulphur. asupre Inggamit nidang buyong sa ugar katong asupre. he used sulphur to apply on the wound. (sem. domains: - Medicine.) 2Yellow alum. asupre Maadong buyong kag asupri. Yellow alum is a good medicine. (sem. domains: 1.2.2 - Substance, matter.)

balsamo [bálsamo] vt To embalm a dead body. bálsamó Ingbalsamo it ruhang dominggo katong minatay agor indi magbaho habang inghuhuyat kag pag-abot it mga kahalihan. The dead person was embalmed for two weeks so it wouldn’t smell bad while waiting for the arrival of the relatives. [This is done to prepare the body for up to nine days of the wake, during which the body is laid out, family and friends visit the home, donate money, hold religious services and play table games etc. ] (sem. domains: - Plant product, - Corpse, - Medicine.) der. balsamador , der. pabalsamo , der. pangbalsamo

bitamina [bitamína] n 1Vitamins. Kag preskong mga utan ay maramong bitamina kag ingtatao. Fresh vegetables give a lot of vitamins. (sem. domains: - Medicine.) 2To take vitamins. (sem. domains: - Medicine.)

botika [botíka] n Drugstore; pharmacy; chemist (as of where medicines are sold). syn: parmacia. (sem. domains: - Medicine.) der. pabotika

buyong₁ [buyóng] n 1Medicine (including herbal and modernmedicine). gamót (sem. domains: - Medicine.) 2To treat medically, with medicine (as of what a doctor, medical person or spirit healer does). (sem. domains: 2.5.7 - Treat disease.) der. ibuyong , der. ipabuyong , der. pabuyong

gamal [gamál] n Medicinal seeds used for stomach pain (resembling peppercorns in appearance). Gamal kag gingbuyong ni nanay sa ida hapros it bituka. Mother treated the pain in her stomach with the medicinal seeds. (sem. domains: - Medicine.)

herba buena [hérba búyna/bwéna] n Used as a flavoring, particularly by foreigners. The tops and leaves are carminative and when bruised are used as an antidote for the stings of poisonous insects. yerba buena Mentha Arvensis (sem. domains: - Poison, - Medicine, - Spice, 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)

hibo [hibô] vbt To rub something onto or into the skin such as a lotion or medicine; to rub oil, pomade through the hair. haplos Inghibuan nako kag ida yupa it buyong. I rubbed the medicine on her forehead. (sem. domains: - Medicine.)

hilot [hílot] vt To rub; massage; to set a fracture. hílot Naghilot sida it tong bali nak suka ni Emil. He set the fractured bone of Emil. syn: masahe. (sem. domains: - Actions of the hand, - Medicine, - Touch.) der. manughilot

ibuyong [ibuyóng] (der. of buyong) 1n Medicine, medical treatment to use on somebody. (sem. domains: 2.5.7 - Treat disease, - Medicine.) 2v To use a certain medicine to treat a sore, sickness. gamot Tawas kag ginggagamit nida nak ibuyong sa ida kili-kili. Alum is what she uses to apply as deodorant under her arms. (sem. domains: 2.5.7 - Treat disease.)

ineksyon [inéksyon] n Injection. (sem. domains: - Medicine.)

iniksyon [iníksyon] 1n Injection. (sem. domains: - Medicine, - Doctor, nurse.) 2vbt To give an injection; to be given an injection. Nagpang-iniksyon kag doktor tahapon. The doctor gave injections yesterday. (sem. domains: - Doctor, nurse.) 3vi To go to have an injection. iniksiyón Nagpainiksyon ako sa klinik. I went to the clinic to get an injection. (sem. domains: - Medicine.)

inom [inóm] 1vi To give somebody a drink of something; to have somebody take medicine. Apainumon nako sida it buyong. I will have her take medicine. syn: tumar. (sem. domains: - Medicine.) 2vt To drink a liquid (eg. water, coffee, medicine). uminóm Ato ainumon kag kape habang mainit pa. We will drink the coffee while it is still hot. (sem. domains: - Drink.) 3n Alcoholic drinks. (sem. domains: - Drink.) 4vt To drink alcoholic drinks. Nag-iinumon kag mga kayaki sa merkado pag haponey. The men drink in the market when it’s late afternoon. (sem. domains: - Drink.) der. inuman

ipabuyong [ipabuyóng] (der. of pabuyong, buyong) n 1Someone who needs medical treatment. (sem. domains: - Traditional medicine, - Medicine, - Medicinal plants.) 2To have somebody taken for medical treatment to a doctor or spirit healer etc.. (sem. domains: 2.5.7 - Treat disease.)

ityar [ítyar] (irreg. infl. itsar) vbt To take or have effect, specifically of medicine. epekto Ing-ityaran ako it buyong. The medicine had an effect on me. syn: talab. (sem. domains: - Effective, - Medicine.)

pabalsamo [pabalsamo] (der. of balsamo) v To have somebody embalm a corpse; to have a body embalmed. (sem. domains: - Plant product, - Corpse, - Medicine.)

pabotika [pabotíka] (der. of botika) v To go to the drugstore, pharmacy, chemist (as of where medicines are sold). (sem. domains: - Medicine.)

pangbalsamo [pangbálsamo] (der. of balsamo) vt Embalming materials (as of spices, chemicals or injectable medicines used to preserve a body). (sem. domains: - Plant product, - Corpse, - Medicine.)