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awas [áwas] vi To overflow or flow over; to boil over (as of rice overflowing from a container, water flowing over a retaining wall, or soup boiling over during cooking etc.). awas Pirming batiha kag nagkakayarkar nak kape agor indi mag-awas. Keep stirring the boiling coffee so that it doesn’t overflow. Maawasan kag kinaydo it sabaw. The soup boiled over from the cooking rice. (sem. domains: 5.2.1 - Food preparation, - Flow.) der. paawas

baha [bahâ] 1n Flood (as of deep water somewhere). bahâ (sem. domains: - Flood.) 2adj Flooding (as of deep water everywhere). (sem. domains: - Flood.) 3vbt To flood (as of having deep water build up somewhere). bahaán Nabahaan kag inra payayan. Their ricefield was flooded. (sem. domains: - Flood.) 4vbt To be full of strongly flowing water (as of deep water flooding a ditch). umagos Nagbaha kag tubi sa saguyong. The water in the drainage flowed. (sem. domains: - Flood, - Flow.)

bara [bará] 1n A blockage; obstruction (to the flow of something). barahán Nabara ka inra gripo. Their faucet was closed off. (sem. domains: - Flow.) 2v To block, obstruct the flow of something. barahán Abarahon nato kag pagbaha it tubi sa di azolla. We’ll block the flow of water to where the azolla is. (sem. domains: - Flow.) 3v To contradict. (sem. domains: - Contradict.) der. barado

barado [barádo] (dial. var. buron) (der. of bara) adj Blocked; obstructed (as of a water pipe or stuffed-up nose). barado Barado kag ako ilong it sip-on. My nose is stuffed-up with mucus. Barado ka tanan nak rayanan sa prisuhan kada indi pwede makatakas kag mga priso. All the entrance to the prison were blocked therefore the prisoners could’nt escape. (sem. domains: - Flow.)

bugwak [búgwak] v 1To spit out, spurt, spout, blow a large volume of liquid from one's mouth (as of after gargling etc.). luwa Ingbugwak nida sa ako kag tubi sa ida yuba. He spouted at me the water in his mouth. syn: buga 2. (sem. domains: - Flow, 2.2.3 - Spit, saliva.) 2Vomit, spew (as of a joking term). (sem. domains: - Stomach illness, 2.2.3 - Spit, saliva.)

ginawon [gináwon] n Water that runs out of rocks near the shore. (sem. domains: - Flow.)

giwanon [giwánon] n Water running, seeping through rocks into the sea. bukal Kag giwanon ay asa kweba sa bayusbusan it ragat sa puno it pampang sa tayurtor it Guyangan. The water runs out of the rocks into the sea in a cave on the seashore at the foot of the cliff below Guyangan ridge. (sem. domains: - River, 1.3.2 - Movement of water, - Flow, - Spring, well.)

haganas [haganás] adj Sound of rushing water. (sem. domains: - Ocean, lake, - River, - Flow, - Wave.)

hunob [hunób] v 1To condense, sweat on outside of a container, to soak up; to drain into. tumutulo Naghuhunob kag tubi sa gining. The water in the earthen jar condenses on the outside. (sem. domains: 1.2.3 - Solid, liquid, gas.) 2To leak into, soak into, seep. (sem. domains: - Flow.)

ib-ib [íb-ib] v To wash away soil; to reduce by washing away; to cave in when rain comes (as of soil). gumuho Nag-iib-ib kag duta ni Tang Molong kada magbaha. The land of Tang Molong is caving in and washing away everytime there is a flood. (sem. domains: - Soil, dirt, - Flow, 7.9.1 - Damage.)

ilig₂ [ilíg] 1n Flow; running (as of unimpeded movement of water in a river or intravenous drip tube). Kag pag-ilig it tubi halin sa swero ay abang yagwat. The flow of water from the IV bottle is very infrequent. (sem. domains: - Drip.) 2vi To flow, run (as of the unimpeded movement of water in a river or intravenous drip tube). umágos Riin giiilig kag tubi? Where does the water flow down? (sem. domains: - Flow.) der. iligan

iligan [iligán] (der. of ilig) n Spout, faucet (as of where the water flows through anything e.g. spout of a kettle, water container). tulo, agos Nagbara kag iligan it tubi sa gining. The spout of the water jar was blocked. (sem. domains: - Flow, - Names of rivers.)

kabkab [kábkab] sta To wash away (as of a bridge, soil); to erode. To be washed away, out; to be eroded by water (as of soil, road). Nakabkaban kag raga sa yudo’t inra bayay. The soil behind their house washed away. (sem. domains: - River, - Flow.)

pabor [pabór] 1n Favor (as of a special expression of care requested from or given by somebody). (sem. domains: 4.3.4 - Do good to.) 2v To view with favor; to grant a favor, request. naaayon, pabor Ingpaburan nako kag ida pangabay nak mauna sa interbyo. I granted her request to go first for the interview. Kag ida yadag ay ingpapabor sa hangin para matulin kag ida salida. He allowed his sail to be with the wind so his sailing would be fast. (sem. domains: 4.3.4 - Do good to.) 3adj Downstream. (sem. domains: - Flow.) 4adj Downwind. (sem. domains: - Wind.) 5v To have a favorable wind; to run, sail with the wind (as of being blown by the wind); to be in line with something. pabor (sem. domains: - Wind, - Travel by water.) comp. pabor ka hangin

ragasa [ragasâ] 1v To have an accident, bump into something in a car, jeepney. (sem. domains: 2.5.3 - Injure.) 2adj Sudden rushing volume of water. (sem. domains: 1.3.2 - Movement of water, - Flow.)

songsong [sóngsong] 1n Blockage (as of something in a pipe blocking the flow). (sem. domains: - Flow.) 2v To put a plug in a hole. (sem. domains: - Fill, cover.) 3v To insert something somewhere. takip Pagkatapos isongsong kag dede sa nag-uuwang nak anak ay naghiposey ra. After the bottle of milk was inserted in the child’s mouth he also stopped crying. syn: saksak. (sem. domains: - Fill, cover.)

suyog₁ [suyóg] 1(sem. domains: - Drip.) 1.1v To leak, let water in (as of a boat). Abang tulin ra magsuyog kaling imo baroto. Your boat really lets in water fast. 2n Current of water. Kakusog kag suyog sa ragat kada waya it maramong dawi. The sea current is very strong so we had a small catch. (sem. domains: - Flow.)

uyo [úyo] n 1Head (as of the general term for the head of animals, people). úlo (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head.) 2Head of nail. (sem. domains: - Building equipment and maintenance.) 3Head, surge of floodwaters (as of the first part of the floodwaters to reach somewhere). (sem. domains: - Flood, - Flow.) comp. balingag it uyo , comp. di suyor kag uyo , comp. ingkauyuhan sa uyo , comp. mabug-at kag uyo , comp. matugas it uyo , comp. matugas nak uyo , comp. nahanginan kag uyo , der. kauyo , der. panguyo , der. sauyo , der. uyon , der. uyuhan , der. uyunan