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ayadon [ayádon] 1adj Free work for another that will be reciprocated when the time comes. (sem. domains: - Cooperate with, 6.1.2 - Method.) 2vbt To help neighbors, family with work free of charge, that in turn will be reciprocated when the time comes for them to need helpers in their own work (as of planting rice or building a house). palúsong Aayadonan ninra kag lanas ni Bunong. They’ll share in the field work at Bunong’s field. (sem. domains: - Cooperate with, 6.1.2 - Method.)

badaw [bádaw] v 1To carry something between two or more people. pinagtulungang buhatin Ingbadawan ninra kag basket nak mabug-at. They carried the heavy basket between them. (sem. domains: 7.3.1 - Carry.) 2To help one another; to cooperate. Ingbadawan it maghali kag pagpauswag it inra pagpangabuhi. The children helped each other to prosper in their lives. (sem. domains: - Cooperate with.) der. abadawan

bulig-buligan [bulig-buligán] v To cooperate, be cooperative, help one another (as of in a certain activity). (sem. domains: - Cooperate with.)

ikot [íkot] vbt To turn a vehicle round (as to get out of a small space); to go around (as when dropping a net from a boat). ikot Ginpaikotan anay ninra kag yuta it isra bag-o taktakan it sayap. They tried to go around the school of fish before dropping a net. syn: libot 1, lipos 2, tiyog 2.1. (sem. domains: - Cooperate with, - Attention, - Change your mind, - Approve of something.)

ko-operar [ko-operár] adj To co-operate in an endeavor. (sem. domains: - Cooperate with.)

mabinuligon [mabinuligón] (der. of bulig) adj Helpful, cooperative. matulungin Usa sa maadong ugali it tawo ay maging mabinuligon sa kapwa tawo. One of the good character traits of a man is being helpful to others. (sem. domains: - Cooperate with, - Help.)

pagbulig-buligan [pagbulig-buligán] (der. of bulig) n/ger Cooperation; cooperating; being cooperative; helping eachother (as of in a certain activity). bayaníhan Nagbubulig-buligan sinra pag di hanraan sa inra lugar. They cooperate when there’s a party in their place. (sem. domains: - Cooperate with.)

sulit₂ [súlit] (irreg. infl. pasulit) 1vt To be in charge of (as of an activity, meeting or care of animals). mag-aalaga Sio ka mapasulit it ida mga anak kung waya kamo? Who is in charge of her children when you’re not there? (sem. domains: - Cooperate with.) 2vt To put in charge of a task. (sem. domains: - Hortative.) 3adj Follow up a payment, collect a debt. (sem. domains: - Repay debt.)