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ayon [áyon] v To align, line up, conform (as of the thoughts of two people, the placement of two boards in a line etc.). (sem. domains: - Conform, 7.5 - Arrange.)

haom₁ [há-om] vt To line up the edges of things (so as to fit exactly). hango Inghaom nako kaling korte it lamesa hagto sa dating lamesa. I lined up the edges of this table to the old table so it would fit exactly. (sem. domains: 7.5 - Arrange, - Straight, - Stick together.)

hilira [hilíra] n A line of people, items. lihéra (sem. domains: 7.5 - Arrange, - Arrange an event.)

salalay [salálay] v To line up. (sem. domains: 7.5 - Arrange.) der. ingsalalay