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badyet [bádyet] n Budget; plan of how to use one's money. (English) (sem. domains: - Spend.)

buragwak [burágwak] adj Wasteful of money, food or opportunity. (sem. domains: - Lose wealth, - Immature in behavior, - Spend.)

dugas [dúgas] v To spend, use wealth or belongings greedily, wildly, quickly (as of a member of a family who spends more than their share of the family money and wears others' clothes etc. without due care). Nadugasey nimo tong imo mana asing mahagar ka pa gihapon it parti. You have spent your wealth lavishly and why would you still ask for more of a share. (sem. domains: - Lose wealth, - Spend, 9.1.2 - Do.) der. mandurugas

galante [galánte] adj Big spenders (as if “the sky is the limit”). Kag mga kandidato ay galante pag mayungotey kag eleksyon. The political candidates are big spenders when election is near. (sem. domains: - Spend.)

gastadora (der. of gastos) adj Spendthrift, one who spends wastefully. (sem. domains: - Spend.)

hangit sa kwarta [hángit sa kwárta] (comp. of hangit, kwarta) id To spend a lot of money quickly. [lit. angry/hate at money] galít sa pera (sem. domains: - Spend.)

kabug-at sa bulsa [kabúg-at sa búlsa] (comp. of bug-at, bulsa) id Too expensive; a drain on finances. [lit: heavy in pocket] mabigat sa bulsa Kabug-at sa bulsa kag ida inapabakay nak idamuan. The toy that she’s asking me to buy is expensive. Kabug-at sa bulsa it mga maguyang kag magpaeskwela sa kolehiyo. It’s a big expense for parents to send their children to college. (sem. domains: - Price, - Spend.)

kauyo [ka-úyo] (der. of uyo) vi 1To defecate, pass feces. tatae Makauyo ray si Jack sa habig it baybay. Jack will defecate along the beach. [In English there are various terms for this. "Defecate" or "pass feces" is the physical description of the act. "To have a bowel movement" is the medical term. Some cultures can say "to go to the toilet". "Shit" is a vulgar, swear word used by men. Terms used with children are "to pooh/poo-poo". There are a number of other euphemistic expressions as well e.g. "to answer the call of nature", "to do one's business", "to do a number two" (where urine is a "number one"), "to go to the john, gents/ladies, men's/little boy's room", "to go to the bathroom",. Women use terms like "to powder my nose", "to visit aunty", "to go for a walk" etc..] (sem. domains: 2.2.8 - Defecate, feces.) 2To be defecated on (as of by a child). (sem. domains: 2.2.8 - Defecate, feces.) 3To waste money (is like just defecating "money"). (sem. domains: - Spend.) comp. ingkauyuhan sa uyo , der. kauyhanan , der. kinauyo , der. kinauyo

mandurugas [mandurúgas] (der. of dugas) n Person who spends, uses wealth or belongings greedily, wildly, quickly (as of a member of a family who spends more than their share of the family money and wears others' clothes etc. without due care). (sem. domains: - Lose wealth, - Spend, 9.1.2 - Do.)

pawar-an [pawar-an] (der. of waya) adj 1To let make something disappear, as of emptying a jar of water. (sem. domains: - Exist, - Appear.) 2To make there be none, as of letting money run out, depriving someone of money. (sem. domains: - Spend.)

sakar [sakár] 1adj To get one's moneyworth; to get the value of what one spent. (sem. domains: - Spend.) 1.1vbt To recover ones business expenses or capital; to cover business expenses. sulit, bawi Nagsasakar ako it ako kalugihan. I recovered my losses. Masasakaran nako kag gastos it ako binta ngasing. I can recover my expenses with my sales now. Nagsasakar kag ako binta sa ako gastos. My sales recovered my expenses. 22.1sta To equal in worth. Waya nasakar it imo nakaon sa imo gingpamasahe. What you ate did not equal your fare.

waldas [wáldas] 1adj Extravagant; lavish; careless with ones money, or possessions; wasting, destoying things.spendthrift. waldas Nahangit kag nanay sa ida waldas nak anak. Mother is angry with her extravagant child. Syn: gastos 1. (sem. domains: - Spend.) 2n Spendthrift of money. Si Syl ay waldasera kada waya’t kwarta. Syl is a spendthrift so she has no money. (sem. domains: - Spend.) 3vt To spend a lot of money; to be extravagant, careless with things. Nagwaldas sida it rakong kwarta. He spent a lot of money. (sem. domains: - Spend.)