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baguntor [bagúntor] n Mountain; hill. bundók (sem. domains: - Mountain.) comp. napapalibutan it baguntor , comp. sa tunga it mga baguntor

bakilir [bakilír] adj Sloping downhill (as of a gentle or steep slope of land); where the land drops off. matarík Kag amo gingtam-nan it ubi ay abang bakilir kada ako ay nagligir. The place where we planted ubí was such a steep downhill slope that I rolled down it. (sem. domains: - Mountain.)

banlas [bánlas] 1n Landslide; avalanche. guhò syn: as-as, hanlas 2, yanras. (sem. domains: - Mountain.) 2vbt To have a landslide, avalanche. banlas Nagbanlas kag baguntor hampig sa inra bayay. The hill near their house had a landslide. (sem. domains: - Mountain.)

bukir [búkir] n 1Country, countryside (as of hilly country outside a town which may or may not be cultivated). bukid Mapabukir anay ako nak mabaoy it nidog. I’ll go to the countryside first to get coconuts. (sem. domains: - Countryside.) 2Hills, hilly country. (sem. domains: - Mountain.) der. bukirnon , der. kabukiran , der. pabukir

hanrig [hánrig] n Steep incline. hanayhay syn: tarik. (sem. domains: - Mountain.)

kabukiran [kabukíran] (der. of bukir) n 1Country, countryside (as of hilly country outside a town which may or may not be cultivated). kabundukan Sa kabukiran pa halin ni Johnny kaling mga orchids nako. Johnny got these orchids of mine up in the hills. (sem. domains: - Mountain, 1.2.1 - Land.) 2Hills, hilly country. (sem. domains: - Mountain, 1.2.1 - Land.)

muntura [muntúra] n Bicycle, motorbike seat; saddle frame made of wood in the shape to fit the horse; pass of a mountain. muntura (sem. domains: - Mountain, 6.6.3 - Working with wood.)

napapalibutan it baguntor [napapalibútan it bagúntor] (comp. of libot, baguntor) exp Valley; surrounded by mountains. [lit: surrounded of mountains] (sem. domains: - Mountain, - Valley.)

pabukir [pabukír] (der. of bukir) v 1To go into the countryside, country (as of hilly country outside a town which may or may not be cultivated).. (sem. domains: - Countryside, - Go.) 2To go up into the hilly countryside, hills. (sem. domains: - Mountain, - Go, - Move up.)

pangpang₁ [pángpang] n A cliff; precipice; an outcropping of rock (can also refer to the land on the other side of a river or lake). talampás (sem. domains: - Mountain.)

payawpaw [payáwpaw] n Highland. (sem. domains: - Mountain.)

puno₃ [púnò] n 1Source of something (as of the head of a river where the water comes out of the ground, end of the rainbow where it rises from the ground etc.). puno Kag puno it tubi ay hagto sa tuburan sa bukir. The source of the water is there at a spring in the forest. (sem. domains: - Source (of movement), - River.) 2The foot, base of a mountain (as of where it rises above the ground). (sem. domains: - Mountain.) 3The base, stump of a tree (as of where it comes out of the ground). (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree.) 4The closest, beginning end of something (as of the dull end e.g. of a machete, pencil, as opposed to the sharp, pointed, distant úgbos "other end"). (sem. domains: 8.6.7 - End, point.) 5The cause, reason, source, beginning of something (as of an argument or problem). pinasimulan Kag puno it inra inaway ay kwarta. The cause of their quarrel is money. (sem. domains: - Cause.) comp. puno it pana

sa tunga it mga baguntor [sa tungâ it mga bagúntor] (comp. of tunga, baguntor) exp Valley; between mountains. [lit: in middle/between mountains] (sem. domains: - Mountain, - Valley.)

toktok₄ [tóktok] n Summit; peak of a mountain. tuktók (sem. domains: - Mountain.)

tumbo₂ [túmbo] loc Peak; top (as of a mountain, tree, roof); summit. tuktok Gingtawog nida kag tumbo it bukir. He climbed the peak of the mountain. Hagto sida sa tumbo it nidog naabot ako. When I arrived, he was at the top of the coconut tree. (sem. domains: - Mountain.)