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bakiníta [bakiníta] v To press the dried coconut flesh down into packing bags for processing into oil, soap etc. The copra is loaded onto a ten-wheeler truck and shipped to Bantangas and driven straight to Lucena for processing. (sem. domains: - Growing coconuts, - Load, pile.)

bonbon₁ [bónbon] v To heap, pile up dirt (as of when forming a mound e.g. raising the level of a lot, piling up dirt around a plant, filling in a hole or covering an exposed object). Bonboni anay baga kinang nagliliwas nak bunga it radish. Will you please heap up dirt around the radish that’s sticking out of the ground. Ingbonbonan ninra it raga tong likor it inra rayaag. They filled the back part of their yard with soil. (sem. domains: - Load, pile, 6.2 - Agriculture, - Land, property, - Fill, cover.)