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bakita [bakíta] v To stuff, pack, tightly bag dried coconut flesh, meat into large gunny sacks. STRESS bakita Abakitahoney ninra kag lugit. They will stuff the copra into into the gunny sacks. Naghuyam sida’t ayho nak ibakita sa lugit. He borrowed a mortar to use in bagging the copra. Abakitahon ninra kag lugit sa kostal. They will pack the copra in the bags. [The lúgit "dried coconut meat/copra" is bagged in kústal "bags" to refine to make lána "coconut oil".] (sem. domains: 7.7.4 - Press, - Growing coconuts, 6.2.6 - Process harvest, - Fill, cover.)

bonbon₁ [bónbon] v To heap, pile up dirt (as of when forming a mound e.g. raising the level of a lot, piling up dirt around a plant, filling in a hole or covering an exposed object). Bonboni anay baga kinang nagliliwas nak bunga it radish. Will you please heap up dirt around the radish that’s sticking out of the ground. Ingbonbonan ninra it raga tong likor it inra rayaag. They filled the back part of their yard with soil. (sem. domains: - Load, pile, 6.2 - Agriculture, - Land, property, - Fill, cover.)

hinalit [hinálit] vt To soak in lime (as for abaca cloth, to make it soft and fine). babad Ahinaliton anay nako kag sinamay bag-o yayahon agor magduta. I will soak the abaca cloth in lime to make it soft. (sem. domains: - Take something out of something, 8.1.8 - Full, 1.3.4 - Be in water, 5.6.4 - Wash clothes, - Fill, cover, 1.3.5 - Solutions of water, 1.3.3 - Wet.)

songsong [sóngsong] 1n Blockage (as of something in a pipe blocking the flow). (sem. domains: - Flow.) 2v To put a plug in a hole. (sem. domains: - Fill, cover.) 3v To insert something somewhere. takip Pagkatapos isongsong kag dede sa nag-uuwang nak anak ay naghiposey ra. After the bottle of milk was inserted in the child’s mouth he also stopped crying. syn: saksak. (sem. domains: - Fill, cover.)