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bakor [bákor] 1adj Stiff, thick, heavy (as of starched cloth or a thick cooking mixture that is hard to stir etc.); viscous mixture. makapal Kag amo uniporme tong nag-eeskwela pa ay abang bakor nak sada ag blusa. Our uniform when we were still going to school was a very thick skirt and blouse. syn: mayapot. (sem. domains: - Stiff, flexible, - Dense.) 2v To stiffen; to become thick and hard (as of a dead body going into rigor mortis or a mixture becoming thick and hard to stir). tigas Nagbakorey kag minatay ay waya pa nabubutang sa kabaong. The dead body has stiffened but it has not yet been placed in the coffin. (sem. domains: - Stiff, flexible, - Dense, - Corpse.)

duta₂ [dutâ] 1adj Soft (as of food e.g. rice, meat, and the texture of objects e.g. pillows and wood). Maduta kag ida nabakay nak uyunan. The pillow that she bought was soft. (sem. domains: - Soft, flimsy, - Dense, - Smooth.) 2vi To become soft (as of when food is cooked, especially with water added). malambot Nagduta kag inayaga nak karne. The boiled meat became soft. (sem. domains: - Soft, flimsy, - Dense, - Smooth.) comp. maduta it payar , der. maduta , der. paduta , der. pagkaduta , id. maduta it ilong , id. maduta it puso

maduta [madutâ] (der. of duta) adj Soft (texture); tender (as of meat). malambót Kag ako niyagang karne ay madutaey. The meat I boiled is already tender. (sem. domains: - Soft, flimsy, - Dense, - Smooth.) comp. maduta it payar