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bakor [bákor] 1adj Stiff, thick, heavy (as of starched cloth or a thick cooking mixture that is hard to stir etc.); viscous mixture. makapal Kag amo uniporme tong nag-eeskwela pa ay abang bakor nak sada ag blusa. Our uniform when we were still going to school was a very thick skirt and blouse. syn: mayapot. (sem. domains: - Stiff, flexible, - Dense.) 2v To stiffen; to become thick and hard (as of a dead body going into rigor mortis or a mixture becoming thick and hard to stir). tigas Nagbakorey kag minatay ay waya pa nabubutang sa kabaong. The dead body has stiffened but it has not yet been placed in the coffin. (sem. domains: - Stiff, flexible, - Dense, - Corpse.)

balsamador [balsamadór] (der. of balsamo) n Embalmer.
Kag ida naging asawa ay usang balsamador. The man she married is an embalmer. (sem. domains: - Corpse.)

balsamo [bálsamo] vt To embalm a dead body. bálsamó Ingbalsamo it ruhang dominggo katong minatay agor indi magbaho habang inghuhuyat kag pag-abot it mga kahalihan. The dead person was embalmed for two weeks so it wouldn’t smell bad while waiting for the arrival of the relatives. [This is done to prepare the body for up to nine days of the wake, during which the body is laid out, family and friends visit the home, donate money, hold religious services and play table games etc. ] (sem. domains: - Plant product, - Corpse, - Medicine.) der. balsamador , der. pabalsamo , der. pangbalsamo

burol [búrol] v To lie, be laid in state (as of a dead body). nakabúrol Nakaburol ngasing si Tang Ige sa inra bayay. Tang Ige’s body is lying in state at their house. Ingburol si Nonoy it limang adlaw sa inra bayay. Nonoy’s body was laid out for five days at their house. (sem. domains: - Corpse.) der. pagburol

minatay [minatáy] n Corpse; dead person. bangkáy (sem. domains: - Corpse.) comp. Aunhon pa kag hilamunon kung minatayey kag kabayo , comp. bisaya parti sa minatay , comp. mga minatay , comp. minatay nak kuko

pabalsamo [pabalsamo] (der. of balsamo) v To have somebody embalm a corpse; to have a body embalmed. (sem. domains: - Plant product, - Corpse, - Medicine.)

pagburol [pagbúrol] (der. of burol) n/ger Lying, being laid in state (as of a dead body). (sem. domains: - Religious ceremony, - Corpse.)

pangbalsamo [pangbálsamo] (der. of balsamo) vt Embalming materials (as of spices, chemicals or injectable medicines used to preserve a body). (sem. domains: - Plant product, - Corpse, - Medicine.)