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bakuyor₁ [bakúyor] n The wet sandy area on the beach that is uncovered at low tide; inter-tidal zone; tidal flats. (sem. domains: - Tide.)

batang [bátang] n Driftwood (as of any plant material that floats e.g. wood, dry coconuts etc.). balsa syn: bakadan. (sem. domains: - Tide.) comp. talingang batang

hunas [hunás] 1n Low tide. káti (sem. domains: - Tide.) 2vi To go out (as of the tide), to be uncovered by the receding, low tide (as of the intertidal area of the shoreline). káti2 Mapanihi kita dahil naghuhunasey kag ragat. Let’s gather shells because the tide is going out. (sem. domains: - Tide.) der. hunasan

hunasan [hunasán] (der. of hunas) loc Area of the beach, rocky shoreline which is covered and uncovered by the changing high and low tides (as of the intertidal area where shellfish, crabs, octopus etc. are gathered). syn: sihi 1.1. (sem. domains: - Tide.)

rikudo₁ [rikúdo] n Deep water, hole, channel near the shore in the ocean. (sem. domains: - Working in the sea, - Tide.)

taob₁ [tá-ob] n High tide. (sem. domains: - Tide.)

taob₂ [táob] 1n High tide. (sem. domains: - Tide.) 2vbt To be covered by high tide; to be at high tide. Nataobey kag ragat. The sea became high tide. Waya sinra’t piknikan dahil nataubaney kag baybay. They had no picnic place because the sand was covered by the high tide. (sem. domains: - Tide.)