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balingbing [balíngbing] adj Two-faced person; turncoat; changing positions (as of a politician who changes his opinions or political parties). Pagkatapos it eleksyon, maramo kag naging balingbing. After the election, many turned two-faced. [This term is borrowed from the Tagalog word for the fruit called sabilír "carambola, five corners, star fruit" which has protruding two-sided ridges on it, that look like a star when cut crossways. These two sides of each point on the "star" is the basis for this reference to politicians facing both ways at once or changing from one side to another. It resembles the English expression "changing horses mid-stream".] (sem. domains: - Contradict.)

bara [bará] 1n A blockage; obstruction (to the flow of something). barahán Nabara ka inra gripo. Their faucet was closed off. (sem. domains: - Flow.) 2v To block, obstruct the flow of something. barahán Abarahon nato kag pagbaha it tubi sa di azolla. We’ll block the flow of water to where the azolla is. (sem. domains: - Flow.) 3v To contradict. (sem. domains: - Contradict.) der. barado

kung sin-o kag unang nagkutak imaw kag nagitlog [kung sín-o kag únang nagkútak imaw kag nagitlóg] say Whoever is first to question, deny doing something is the one who did the wrong (lit. whoever the first hen to call-out is the one who laid the egg) as of the reaction of a child when challenged. (sem. domains: - Contradict.)