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baliw-baliw [baliw-báliw] n Bridge of nose; the area right between the eyes. (sem. domains: - Nose.)

buho it ilong [búhò it ilóng] n Nostril. [lit: hole of nose] (sem. domains: - Hollow, - Nose.)

hudlot [húdlot] vt To sniffle. singhot Aya gihudlota kag imo sip-on, sungahan yang. Don’t sniffle your snot, just blow your nose. (sem. domains: - Nose, 2.2.2 - Cough, sneeze, 2.2.1 - Breathe, breath, - Cry, tear.) comp. hudlot-sip-on

hudlot-sip-on [húdlot-síp-on] (comp. of hudlot) n A sniffly cold; a cold with a runny nose. (sem. domains: - Nose, 2.2.2 - Cough, sneeze.)

hungaw it boses [hungáw it bóses] adj Nasal voice (as of due to a cold). singaw ang boses Pay hungaw it boses si May tong sida ay sip-unon. May seems to have a nasal voice when she’s got a cold. (sem. domains: - Voice, - Nose, - Sound.)

ilong [ilóng] n Nose of animals and people. ilóng (sem. domains: - Nose.) comp. marako kag ako buho it ilong

ingo [íngo] n Kind of tree with bad smelling, sticky bark (used against witches). Kag ingo ay panguntra sa aswang. The bad smelling bark is medicine against witches. (sem. domains: - Nose, 2.3.4 - Smell.)

ipita kag imo ilong [ipíta kag imo ilóng] v Pinch your nose. (sem. domains: - Nose.)

otngo [ótngò] n Nasal dicharge; snot (sem. domains: - Nose.)

panghatsing [panghátsing] v To sneeze. (sem. domains: - Nose.)

panimaho [panimáho] (der. of baho) n Sense of smell (sem. domains: - Nose.)

punga [pungá] v To have one’s nose stuffed up; nasal speech (as of having a cold). Waya nakabisaya tong inra maestra dahil siday napunga nak inggwa it sip-on. Their teacher wasn’t able to speak because of a cold. (sem. domains: - Nose.)