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ban [ban] n A ban on doing something; law forbidding something. Waya sida naempliyo dahil naabutan sida it ban. He was not employed because he was included in the election ban. (sem. domains: - Refuse permission.)

hilayi [hilayî] vi God forbid. huwag sanang mangyari (sem. domains: - Afraid, - Refuse permission, - Worried.)

imbis nak [ímbis nak] conj Instead of…just (as of concession contra-expectation). Naghalin sinra imbis nak magbulig sa amo. They left instead of helping us. Imbis nak kaling planggana, kina yangey. Instead of using this dish just use that one. syn: lalo, miski 1.1, tapat. (sem. domains: - Refuse permission, - Give permission.)

indi mabaoy it usang bisaya [indî mabaóy it usáng bisáya] idiom - Convert to subentry Can’t be swayed by anything said (lit: not removed by one word). (sem. domains: - Refuse permission.)

kalbong [kálbong] v To eat something without permission; to take more than one’s share. nagbungkal ng pagkain Kag amo anak ay nagpangkalbong it gab-i habang kami ay katuyog. Our child ate food without permission last night while we were asleep. syn: ruwang. (sem. domains: - Hungry, thirsty, 5.2.2 - Eat, - Refuse permission.)

yayangon [yayángon] v To take, handle things without asking. (sem. domains: - Refuse permission.)