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bang-aw [báng-aw] 1n A mad dog (as of one that becomes crazy or dangerous from cruel treatment); a rabid dog (as of one with rabies). ulol na aso (sem. domains: - Animal diseases.) 2adj Mad (as of a dog that becomes crazy or dangerous from cruel treatment); rabid (as of a dog with rabies). Kag bang-aw nak iro ay ingbaril. The mad dog was shot. (sem. domains: - Animal diseases.) 3vi To go mad (as of a dog that becomes crazy or dangerous from cruel treatment); to become rabid (as of a dog with rabies). Nagbang-aw kag ida palanggang iro. The dog that she loved became mad. (sem. domains: - Animal diseases.)

bukaduon [bukadú-on] adj 1A disease of pigs where their liver is full of white cysts and the pig gets thin. (sem. domains: - Animal diseases, - Pig.) 2A very skinny person (as of like somebody like a pig with a bad liver full of white cysts). Tong inra dyanitor ay pay bukaduon’ey kada ingpabakasyon anay. Their janitor seems to be a skinny person with a bad liver that’s why he was advised to take some leave. (sem. domains: - Thin person.)

butig-butig [butig-butíg] n Disease of a pig's tongue where it has white spots. Butig-butigon kag rila it baktin kada ing-ihaw. The pigs tongue was diseased that’s why they butchered it. (sem. domains: - Animal diseases, - Pig.) der. butig-butigon

butig-butigon [butig-butigón] (der. of butig-butig) adj White spotted (as of the tongue of a pig with a disease). (sem. domains: - Animal diseases, - Pig.)

duyo [dúyò] 1n Avian disease suffered by poultry and other birds (as of when they have a feverish cold that weakens and kills them, so that they will fall off a branch). sakit Nagkasakit it duyo kag amo mga manok. Our chickens had a sickness. (sem. domains: - Bird, - Animal diseases, 6.3.6 - Poultry raising.) 2v To get avian disease, flu (as of all birds including poultry). (sem. domains: - Bird, - Animal diseases, 6.3.6 - Poultry raising.)

kagirkir [kagírkir] n Mange on a dog’s back. galis Indi ninra gipasuyuron sa bayay tong di kagirkir ninrang iro. They won’t let their dog with mange on its back enter their house. (sem. domains: - Castrate animal, - Animal diseases.)

rapo [rápò] 11.1vbt To attract; to be attracted to something; to lure. natukso, pinagkalumpunan Nagpangrapo kag mga anak roto sa nag-aaway nak manok. The children were attracted to the fighting of the roosters. Ingrapuan it mga isra kag ida taan sa suba. His bait lured fish in the river. Aparapuon nako tong mga manok sa bubor. I’ll cause the chickens to be attracted to the chicken feed. (sem. domains: 6.4.2 - Trap.) 22.1v To catch, contract a disease; a sickness is attracted to a certain part of one’s body. Gingrapuan sida it sakit dahil ingwa it epidimya sa inra lugar. She caught the disease because there is an epidemic in their place. (sem. domains: - Animal diseases.)

yuda [yúda] 1adj Weak (as of physical strength); unwell, as of humans and animals (especially pigs when they get a cold, weaken and die). (sem. domains: 2.5.1 - Sick, - Animal diseases.) 2vi To become weak in one’s faith. mahina Nayuda kag ida pagtuo Her faith became weak. (sem. domains: - Believe.)