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bangko₂ [bángkò] n A seat (as of the general term for all kinds e.g. bench, bleacher, pew, stool, chair, whether individual or long, with or without backs). bangkô (sem. domains: - Chair.)

biranda [biránda/beránda] n 1Verandah (as of an open roofed area around a house on any level). [In Spanish style wooden houses built in the Philippines a verandah would have been a roofed open area with a waist high railing on an upstairs level. It may have been only 3-4m long or extending around the whole house.] (sem. domains: 6.5.2 - Parts of a building.) 2Deckchair (as of the kind of chair used on a verandah). (sem. domains: - Chair.) der. barandilya

ingkuran [ingkurán] (der. of ingkor) n Place to sit (chair, stool, bench).
(sem. domains: - Chair.)