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bangon₁ [bángon] 1vi To get up in the morning; to get out of bed (as of off a sleeping mat); to arise from a sitting or lying position where one has been resting. mabangon Nagbangon sida pag-abot nako. She got up when I arrived. (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up, - Move up.) 2vt To help somebody get up, rise up, stand up (as from a lying position). mabangon Abangunon nako ikaw kung indi nimo kaya. I’ll help you rise up if you’re unable to do it by yourself. (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up, - Move up.) 3vt To name a child after a dead ancestor. isaulì Abangunon nako kag maadong binuhatan it katong amo lolo. I will reinstate the good reputation that our grandfather had. (sem. domains: - Personal names.) 4vt To reinstate the value of something (as of a good family name, reputation or financial standing). Gingbangon ni Jhonny kag inra pangayan tong sida ay maging abugado. Jhonny was able to reinstate their family name when he became a lawyer. (sem. domains: - Reputation, - Value.)

bati₁ [batî] (der. of bati) adj Awake. (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up.)

bati₄ [bátì] vi To wake up; to wake somebody up. Nauuna magbati ay kag nanay para maghanra it pamahaw. The first one to wake up is mother so that she can prepare breakfast. Mapabati ako sa ida isag sa alas tres. I’ll have her wake me up later at three. (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up.) comp. batiey , comp. mayain kag ida pagkabati , der. bati , der. inugbati , der. inugbati , der. pabati , der. pagbati , der. pagkabati

batiey [bati-éy] (comp. of bati, ey) interj Wake up! (as of it's time to get up). (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up, 9.2.7 - Interjections.)

buyaw₁ [búyaw] v To wake up late in the morning; to sleep in. tanghaling gising Nagbuyaw sinra dahil nagpangisra it gab-i. They woke up late in the morning because they went fishing last night. (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up.)

dyana [dyána] 1n Reveille; morning "wake-up call" presented by band music or drums (as of drummers going round the streets before dawn during fiesta). dyana Nakabati kami tong magdyana kag mga musikero it tong kaadlawan o pyista. We woke up when the musicians played drums and trumpets around the town last fiesta. (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up, - Play music, - Musical instrument, - Festival, show.) 2v To play a reveille (as of with drums or a band of musicians going round the town before dawn during fiesta). (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up, - Play music, - Musical instrument, - Festival, show.)

hoyhoy [hóyhoy] (irreg. infl. hoy) vbt Hey you! (a rude expression when somebody’s name is not used). sotsot Aya ako gihoyhoya nak igwa ra ako it ngayan! Don’t say hey you to me, I’ve got a name! (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up, - Honorifics, - Prompters of attention.)

iknat₂ [íknat] v Get up; prepare to leave. kumilos ka na Giiknatey baga nak mapagtoy kita. You get up now, we are about to leave. (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up, 7.1.1 - Stand.)

inat [ínat] 1vi To expand. unat Ya pa giiinat it masyado kag anit it rima dahil malinghor pa. The skin of the bread fruit hasn’t expanded well yet because it’s still young. (sem. domains: - Extend.) 2adj Expanded; stretched. (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up, 5.7.1 - Go to sleep.) 3vt To stretch something. Ainaton nako kag garter agur tamang higot sa ato buyaran. I’ll stretch the garter so its length will be enough for our clothesline. (sem. domains: - Stretch.)

inugbati₁ [inugbátì] (der. of bati) temp Time somebody wakes up.
oras ng gumising
(sem. domains: 8.4 - Time, 5.7.3 - Wake up.)

inugbati₂ [inugbátì] (der. of bati) n The time one usually wakes up. gising Kag inogbati it tawo sa probinsya ay mga alas singko. The time to wake up for people in the province is about five o’clock. syn: pukaw, puka 1.1. (sem. domains: 8.4 - Time, 5.7.3 - Wake up.)

kibot [kibót] 1sta To be startled. Nakibot sida pag-abot nako. He was startled when I arrived. (sem. domains: - Surprise, 5.7.3 - Wake up.) 2vt To startle somebody. bigla Akibuton nato si Ana sa kwarto. Let’s startle Ana in her room. syn: gulpi 1, it yang, antimano, bigla 2. (sem. domains: - Surprise, 5.7.3 - Wake up.)

mayain kag ida pagkabati [mayá-in kag ída pagkabátì] (comp. of bati) exp Woke up in a bad mood. [lit: bad her after-waking-up] (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up, 3.4.2 - Feel bad.)

mungaw-mungawan₂ [mungaw-mungáwan] vi To forget what to do or be confused upon being awakened. alimpungatan Namungaw-mungawan sida pagkarungog nak nasusunog kag inra bayay. She forgot what to do after being awakened when she heard that their house was burning. (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up, 5.7.2 - Dream.)

nakamalay [nakamálay] adj Someone wakes up from sleeping or becomes conscious. (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up.)

pabati [pabátì] (der. of bati) v To have one person wake another person up. (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up.)

pagbati₁ [pagbátì] (der. of bati) n/ger Waking up. (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up.)

puka₂ [puká] 11.1vi To be awakened by being disturbed (usually by a noise such as a crying child). Napuka kag ako katuyog it nagtitinibaw nak anak. My sleep was by the crying child disturbed. syn: pukaw, inugbati. (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up.) 22.1vbt To stay up late at night. gulantang Nagpuka sinra it gab-i dahil igwa’t inglamayan. They stayed up late last night because there was a wake. Nagpuka ako sa ako trabaho. I stayed up late doing my work. syn: ramay 2, hanagob 1. (sem. domains: 5.7.3 - Wake up.)

ramyag [rámyag] v To stay up, awake all night, as when minding a sick child in rough seas,at awake. (sem. domains: - Night, 5.7.3 - Wake up.) der. ramyagan