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baoy [ba-óy] (dial. var. buoy) 1v To get something. kuha Imbaoy nida kag kaldero sa aparador. She removed the pot from the cupboard. (sem. domains: - Take something from somewhere.) 2v To take, remove something from somewhere. (sem. domains: - Take something from somewhere.) 3n A catch of fish. (sem. domains: 6.4.5 - Fishing.) 4v To catch fish (as of getting fish by any method of fishing). (sem. domains: 6.4.5 - Fishing.) 5v To take a course of study, subject; to take, sit for an exam, test; to get, achieve a certain grade, mark in an exam. nakakuha Nakabaoy ako it 96% sa amo eksam. I got a 96% on our exam. (sem. domains: - Evaluate, test, - Study.) 6v To choose, select, hire for a job or certain purpose (as of getting a job). nakuha, natanggap Abang sadya si Arlene dahil nabaoy sida sa trabaho. Arlene is very happy because she was hired. Abay-on kuno kami nak maging ninang sa kasay ninra. They said that they’ll chose us to be sponsors for their wedding. (sem. domains: 6.1.1 - Worker, - Choose.) 7v To remove, fire from a job. (sem. domains: - Take something from somewhere, 6.1.5 - Unemployed, not working.) 8v To get rid of a bad physical sensation; to be cured of a sickness; to have pain, sickness go away (as of resulting in a positive situation). naalis Nabaoy kag ako sagnat it tong buyong. I recovered from my fever because of the medicine. (sem. domains: - Recover from sickness.) 9v To get the point of something; to understand, catch on to what somebody is talking about; to know somebody’s thoughts intuitively; to be inspired by an idea from somebody. nakuha Nagbaoy ako it ideya sa libro. I got the idea from the book. Nabaoy baga nimo kag ida intrimis? Did you get his joke? Nabaoy ni Jesus ka inra isip. Jesus know their thoughts. (sem. domains: - Instinct, 3.2.4 - Understand.) comp. abay-an it ngayan , comp. ingba-oy it Dios , comp. nabaoy ka isip , comp. nabay-an it hingab , comp. nabay-an sida it ngayan , comp. nabay-aney , der. bay-unon , der. bay-unon , der. baya , der. gingbabay-an , der. mansigbaoy , der. pangbaoy

bay₂ [bay] excl So that's what happened!; now I understand! FINAL PART?? (sem. domains: 9.2.7 - Interjections, 3.2.4 - Understand.)

gustong bisayahon [gústong bisayáhon] (comp. of gusto, bisaya) exp Meaning; mean to say. ibig sabihin Kag gustong bisayahon it ida hali ay partihoney ninra kag inra mga manang duta. What his brother means is that they should share their inherited land now. syn: kahulugan, buot silinggon 1. (sem. domains: 3.2.4 - Understand.)

hangop [hángop] v To comprehend. Waya nako nahangop tong gustong bisayahon it ida mga istorya. I was not able to comprehend what his stories were all about. (sem. domains: 3.2.4 - Understand.)

hantop [hántop] 1n Realization. syn: toytoy 2.1. (sem. domains: - Solve, - Realize.) 2vt To think; to realize; to comprehend; to ponder; to understand. Ahantupon anay nimo it maado kag imo plano bag-o ahumanon. You have to think your plan through well before doing it. (sem. domains: 3.2 - Think, - Realize.) 3vbt To come to realize. naunawaan Nahantupaney baga nimo kag imo inghuman. Have you come to realize the thing that you did? Nahantupan baga nimo kag ako pagtudlo? Do you comprehend what I’m teaching? Ida inghantop it marayom kag tugra’t nanay. He pondered deeply the words of his mother. (sem. domains: 3.2.4 - Understand, - Realize.)

nabaoy ka isip [nabaóy ka ísip] (comp. of baoy, isip) id To get the idea of what somebody is saying [lit: get the thought] (sem. domains: - Instinct, 3.2.4 - Understand.)

nagkaintyendihan [nagka-intyendíhan] (der. of intyendi) vt To understand eachother. máunawáan Agor imo maintindihan kag problema, kabisayaha kag imo hali. Talk to your brother so that you will understand the problem. Pali sa ako ag magbisaya it maado agor ay magkakaintindihan kita. Come here to me and we’ll really talk about it so we’ll understand each other. Waya kita nagkaintindihan it maado dahil abang gulo dili sa amo kag mga anak. We misunderstood eachother a bit because the children were noisy here at our place. (sem. domains: 3.2.4 - Understand.) comp. waya kita nagkaintyendihan

waya kita nagkaintyendihan [wayâ kitá nagkaintyendíhan] (comp. of waya, nagkaintyendihan, intyendi) exp To not understand eachother/ to misunderstand eachother. (sem. domains: 3.2.4 - Understand.)