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barena [baréna] 1n Drill; auger; posthole digger. (sem. domains: - Digging tool.) 2vbt To drill, bore a hole. barenahin Ingbarenahan nida kag haligi it inra bayay. He drilled their house post. (sem. domains: 6.6.6 - Working with land.)

barita [baríta] 1n A long metal digging tool with one pointed end and the other with a flat, chisel or spadelike end (as of what is used for digging out the edges of fishponds or tree roots). (sem. domains: - Digging tool.) 2vt To use a crowbar to pry, lever something up or into a different position. baretahin Ingbareta nida kag hilamunon. He used the crowbar on the grass that he pulled out. (sem. domains: - Digging tool.)

dulos [dulós] n Short digging tool with a sharp blade about half a meter long. (sem. domains: - Digging tool.)

kaykay [káykay] vbt To dig shallowly; scrape the ground. hukay, kalkal Kag inro iro ay gingkaykay kag amo rayaag. Your dog is digging in our yard. syn: karkar. (sem. domains: - Digging tool, 7.8.6 - Dig.)