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barumbado [barumbádo] 1adj/n Delinquent, uncouth, ill-mannered, rude (as of behavior or the person). barumbado Kada sida napriso ay abang pagkabarumbadong anak ra ngani. The reason he was imprisoned is because he’s really delinquent. (sem. domains: - Below standard, - Bad, immoral, - Impolite.) 2v To become a delinquent, uncouth, ill-mannered, rude person (as of somebody's behavior). (sem. domains: - Below standard, - Bad, immoral, - Impolite.)

buhalhal [buhálhal] adj 1Indifferent; careless; untidy; irresponsible (as of an adult who should take more care of things). buhaghag Buhalhal pa gihapon kag anak nida ay rayaga. Her child is still carefree in her ways even though she’s a young lady. Buhalhal kung nagtatakos sida it uling kada kaisot kag usang balde.

Buhalhal kung nagtatakos sida it uling kada kaisot kag usang balde.

(sem. domains: - Below standard, - Immature in behavior, - Indifferent, - Careless, irresponsible.)
2Carelessly, loosely, poorly filled with charcoal (as of a bucket, container not containing a full quantity). (sem. domains: - Careless, irresponsible, - Work poorly.)

bukirnon [bukírnon] (der. of bukir) adj 1Countrified; backward; unfashionable; behind the times; uncivilized; uneducated (as of a derogatory term like the English "country bumpkin" or "country cousins"). (sem. domains: - Below standard, - Despise someone.) 2Barbaric, barbarious, uncivilised (as of a strongly derogatory term for people with violent, uncultured ways). Karamuan sa mga Aetas ay bukirnon kada sinra ay nahirapan pag yupok it bulkan. Aetas mostly are uncivilised in city ways that’s why they had a hard time when the volcano erupted. (sem. domains: - Below standard, - Violent, - Despise someone.)

bulahaw [buláhaw] adj To be disturbed by lots of noise (as of when drunks yell at night). (sem. domains: - Below standard, - Loud.) der. pangbulahaw

buy-og [búy-og] v 1To slip on something; to have something slip from somewhere. dulas Nabuy-og sa ragkong bato si Tang Igo. The old man, Igo slipped on the big rocks. Waya ninra namalayi nak nabuy-og kag kuwarta sa ida damot. She didn’t notice the money slip from her hands. syn: dalin-as, hanlas 1. (sem. domains: - Slip, slide.) 2To make a mistake, do something wrong. (sem. domains: - Below standard, - Bad.) der. kabuy-ugan

grado [grádo] n Grade; class. grado, klasi (sem. domains: - Below standard, 3.6.7 - Test, 3.6.2 - School, - Meet a standard.)

kabis-oy gimuyatan [kabís-oy gimuyatan] adj Unacceptable behavior. hindi kanaisnais na ugali Kag salang pamatasan nimo ay kabis-oy gimuyatan it sociedad. Your bad ways are unacceptable by society. (sem. domains: - Below standard, 4.3 - Behavior.)

kabuy-ugan [kabuy-ugán] (der. of buy-og) n Mistake; wrong; iniquity. (sem. domains: - Below standard, - Bad.)

kasal-anan [kasal-ánan] (der. of sala) n Sin. kasalánan (sem. domains: - Below standard, - Bad.)

ninya-ninyahon [ninya-ninyáhon] (dial. var. bini-binihon) adj Not used to hard work; sheltered; spoiled (as of a woman). (sem. domains: - Below standard, - Immature in behavior, - Spoil.)

pangbulahaw [pangbuláhaw] (der. of bulahaw) v To cause, create a noisy disturbance (as of when drunks yell a lot at night). (sem. domains: - Below standard, - Loud.)

sahi [sahî] 1vi To look be out of place; to be odd. namumukod Hagto sa inra grupo ay pay sida yang kag napasahi. She was the one who seems out of place in their group. (sem. domains: - Serious.) 2v To separate, move away from somewhere (sem. domains: - Serious.) 3vi To be look different out of place relation to other. (sem. domains: - Below standard.)