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bas-ok [bás-ok] 1vbt To put, throw useful or valuable things in an inappropriate place (as of clean clothes in a box like rubbish to be disposed of); to discard carelessly by throwing unused things somewhere out of the way. tapon Ibas-ukon nako sa rugo kag mga yamit. I’ll throw the clothes in the corner. Abas-ukan nida it yamit kag kahon. He’ll throw the clothes on the box. (sem. domains: 7.3.4 - Handle something, 5.8 - Manage a house, - Throw.) 2v To impose a burdensome, inappropriate responsibility on somebody (as of the care of one's children being put on the grandmother). (sem. domains: - Agree to do something.)

hanra [hánrà] 1n Preparation; provision. handâ syn: anram. (sem. domains: 5.2.1 - Food preparation, - Prepare.) 2vbt To prepare something; to prepare food for a party. (sem. domains: - Prepare, - Prepare something for use.) 3adj Ready, willing to help. (sem. domains: - Willing, - Agree to do something.) der. hanraan

heps [heps] excl Aha!’ yes! oo Heps! sige pwedi kang magbayli. Yes! you can now dance. (sem. domains: 9.4.6 - Yes, - Markers expecting an affirmative answer, - Agree to do something.)

hilas₂ [hilás] v 1To give away for free; to give something away without expecting payment. bigay Ngasing, kung inggwa it nagpapanayap, nabaoy sida ag pagkatapos katong mga iba nak mga tawo nak nupay gustong magbakay it isra nak waya ra it kwarta ay inahilasan nida. Now, if there were fish caught by net, he would get some for himself and afterwards he would give some for free to those other people who seemed as if they wanted to buy fish, but who had no money. (sem. domains: - Agree to do something.) 2To request some fish after a catch, some fruit during picking. (sem. domains: 3.3.2 - Request.)

kontrata [kontráta] (irreg. infl. kuntrata) n Contract, agreement (as of an official written, unwritten legal agreement). kontrata Ruhang tuig yang kag ida ingpirmahan nak kontrata sa Saudi. He had just signed a two-year contract to Saudi. (sem. domains: - Agree to do something, 4.7.8 - Legal contract.)