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basta-basta [basta-básta] (der. of basta) v To do carelessly, quickly, without paying attention. (sem. domains: - Careless, irresponsible, - Mediocre, - Work poorly.) comp. buko basta-basta , der. basta-bastahon

basta-bastahon [basta-bastáhon] (der. of basta-basta) adj 1Careless, quick, without paying attention (as of the way one works). (sem. domains: - Careless, irresponsible, - Mediocre, - Work poorly.) 2Cheap; of little worth (as of an item bought).
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(sem. domains: - Cheap.)

buhalhal [buhálhal] adj 1Indifferent; careless; untidy; irresponsible (as of an adult who should take more care of things). buhaghag Buhalhal pa gihapon kag anak nida ay rayaga. Her child is still carefree in her ways even though she’s a young lady. Buhalhal kung nagtatakos sida it uling kada kaisot kag usang balde.

Buhalhal kung nagtatakos sida it uling kada kaisot kag usang balde.

(sem. domains: - Below standard, - Immature in behavior, - Indifferent, - Careless, irresponsible.)
2Carelessly, loosely, poorly filled with charcoal (as of a bucket, container not containing a full quantity). (sem. domains: - Careless, irresponsible, - Work poorly.)

hamar [hamár] 1adj Careless. walang ingat, burara Hamar sida it ida mga yamit. She’s careless with her things. syn: damhak 2, damhak 1. (sem. domains: - Stupid, - Careless, irresponsible, - Untidy.) 2vbt To be careless with something; messy. Ingpahamaran nida kag bag-ong yamit. She was careless with her new clothes. (sem. domains: - Careless, irresponsible.)

haras-haras [haras-harás] 1adv Messy; done quickly; poorly done or made. dali-dali Marali nak nasira katong kuray dahil haras-haras kag pagkahuman. The fence was easily destroyed because it was poorly done. (sem. domains: - Untidy.) 2adj Careless person. (sem. domains: - Careless, irresponsible, - Untidy.) 3vt To do something poorly or quickly or carelessly. To rush, be too fast doing something; to be careless in doing something. Ingharas-haras nida it raya kag mga pinggan kada nagkahuyog. She handled the plates carelessly so she dropped them all. (sem. domains: - Move quickly.)