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bayumbo [bayúmbò] n Voting booth. presinto Naghuman sinra it sampuyong bayumbo para magamit sa eleksyon. They made ten voting booths to be used for the election. (sem. domains: - Election.)

buto₁ [búto] (sp. var. boto) 1n Vote (as of a writtten vote or by raising one's hand). (sem. domains: - Election.) 2v To vote in an election. (sem. domains: - Election.) 3v To vote for somebody (as in a political election etc.). (sem. domains: - Election.) der. butuhan , der. ibuto

butuhan [bútuhan] (der. of buto) n Election day. (sem. domains: - Election.)

eleksyon [eléksyon] n Election. halalan (sem. domains: - Election.)

ibuto [ibúto] (sp. var. iboto) (der. of buto) n 1Somebody to vote for, into a position. (sem. domains: - Election.) 2To vote for somebody. (sem. domains: - Election.)

ilihir [ilihír] v To be elected, voted into a position. nahalal Tong sida ay nailihir sa pwesto bilang gobernador sida ay nag-abuso. When he was elected into the position as governor he abused it. syn: buto 1. (sem. domains: - Election, - Choose.)

iskutinyo [iskutínyo] v To canvas, count votes. (sem. domains: - Election.)

kalaban sa politika [kalában sa polítika] n Political opponent. kalaban sa politika (sem. domains: 4.8.2 - Fight, - Election, - Politics.)

kandidato [kandidáto] n Candidate. kandidato (sem. domains: - Election.)

kongresman [kóngresman] n Congressman. (sem. domains: - Election.)

kontra sinyas [kóntra sínyas] n A notifying mark placed on a ballot (to show that one voted for the candidate from which one received money). kontra sinyas (sem. domains: - Show, let someone see, - Show, indicate, - Election, - Choose.)

kumpanya₂ [kumpánya] (irreg. infl. kampanya) v To campaign. kampanya Nagpakakampanya sinra tong eleksyon kada nagraog sinra. They campaigned very hard last election that’s why they won. (sem. domains: - Election.)

pangamang [pangámang] v To campaign secretly house-to-house at the last minute as of politicians who offer money or goods to foil their opposition's campaign. (sem. domains: - Election.)

prisento n Voting precinct, venue. (sem. domains: - Election.)

termino₁ [término] 1v To set a deadline for something in the future. Sina Bob ay ingtaw-an it termino nak tatlong buyan it inra kasera para maghanap it maiistaran. Bob’s landlady set a deadline of three months to look for a new house. 2n The term of office as of length of service by a political leader between elections, i.e. three years local, six years national. (sem. domains: - Election.)