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bidyil [bídyil] v To keep watch, vigil over a dead body (as of staying up all night praying or watching over a dead body during a wake). lamay Nagbidyil kag mga kaklase ni Nonoy tong sida ay mamatay. The classmates of Nonoy watched over his dead body when he died. [This is a sign of respect, and empathy with those who are mourning the death of a loved one. Traditionally this is taking part in the custom of always having someone awake, and watching over a body day and night throughout a wake. This is to prevent evil spirits from stealing the soul or body of their dead loved one.] (sem. domains: - Mourn.)

ramay₁ [rámay] vbt 1To attend a wake; to mourn with relatives by visiting home to view dead and give money. lamay Inglamayan ninra kag minatay hanggang alas kwatro sa aga. They guarded the dead person until four in the morning. (sem. domains: - Mourn.) 2To stay up late at night; to stay up doing something. Naglamay kami it istorya it gab-i. We stayed up late talking last night. Inglamayan nako kag trabaho it gab-i. I worked on my work until late at night last night. syn: hanagob 1, puka 2.1. (sem. domains: 5.7.1 - Go to sleep.)