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bihira [bihírà] mod Seldom; rare, rarely; infrequent, infrequently. (sem. domains: - Often.) der. pambihira

itam-itam [itam-itám] v To nibble constantly. nguya-nguya Kada kataba kaliong anak ay permi yang nak itam-itam. That’s why this child is fat because he’s nibbling constantly. (sem. domains: - Manner of eating, - Often.)

kasuyor [kasúyor] adj Well frequented, visited. pasukin Kasuyor kag tinrahan ni Anti Alice. Auntie Alice’s store is well frequented. (sem. domains: - All the time, - Often.)

pambihira [pambihírà] (der. of bihira) part Seldom; rare, rarely; infrequent, infrequently. bihírà Pambihira nak mag-uyan dili. It seldom rains here. Kaling klaseng buyak ay pambihira makita sa amo lugar. This kind of flower seldom can be seen in our place. (sem. domains: - Often.)