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bingkong [bíngkong] 1adj Curled forward, protruding (as of ears). baluktot, bingkong, sahod Masuwerte kuno kung kag imo talinga ay bingkong. You’re lucky if your ears are folded forward and flat, they say. Kag ida talinga ay bingkong. His ears are curled over. (sem. domains: - Concave, - Ear, - Bend.) 2v To curve, become concave, curl outwards or forwards (as of the ears of a child after coming through the rigors of birth). (sem. domains: - Concave, - Ear, - Bend.) 3adj Twisted, bent, bowed, warped (as of timber). (sem. domains: - Lumbering, - Bend.) 4v To bend, bow, twist, warp (as of green, wet timber). (sem. domains: - Lumbering, - Bend.)

hinuli [hinulí] vbt To clean, clean out one’s ears. panghinuli Nagpanghinuli anay si Karding bag-o magliwas it bayay. Carding cleaned his ears before going out of the house. (sem. domains: 2.5.7 - Treat disease, - Ear, - Tidy, - Spread, smear.)

ilig₁ [ílig] n Discharge from ear; ear-wax. ilig (sem. domains: - Ear.)

panuli [panúli] v To remove earwax from the ears. (sem. domains: - Ear.)

talinga [talínga] n 1Ear of an animal or person. taínga (sem. domains: - Ear.) 2Loop on a sewn garment (as of the protruding piece which hooks around a button etc.). (sem. domains: 5.3.6 - Parts of clothing.) 3Loop shaped handles on either side of a cooking pot. (sem. domains: - Cooking utensil.) comp. talingang batang , comp. talingat ambo , comp. talingat ambo

tingting₁ [tíngting] v To twist one's ear. (sem. domains: - Ear.)

tuli₁ [tulí] n Earwax. tutulí (sem. domains: - Ear.)

tusok [tusók] v To have ears pierced. butas Ingtusukaney kag ida anak nak kabadi bag-o iluwas sa hospital. Her child which is a girl had her ears pierced before it was taken out of the hospital. (sem. domains: - Ear.)