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binirahan it layas [binirahán it láyas] (comp. of bira, layas) id Abruptly walked off on someone; walked off without waiting for an answer or for someone to finish speaking (as of an angry response or insult). [lit: pulled by leave-without-saying-farewell] binirahan ng layas Habang ging-aaway nida tong ida asawa ay binirahan it layas sida it kato para maghiposey. While she was quarreling with him her husband walked off before waiting for her to finish speaking so that she would be quiet. (sem. domains: - Meet together.)

ekskursyon [ekskúrsyon] 1n Excursion; an outing. (sem. domains: - Meet together.) 2vi To go on an excursion or outing. piknik Nag-ekskursyon sinra sa Tinagong Dagat. They went on an excursion to Tinagong Dagat. (sem. domains: - Meet together.)

iriri [iríri] vbt To mix with people. halubilo (sem. domains: 2.6.5 - Male, female, - Crowd, group, - Meet together.)

kasakay [kasákay] adj Co-passenger in one vehicle; together in one vehicle. Kasakay nako si Nena pa Tugdan. We were together in one jeepney with Nena going to Tugdan. (sem. domains: - Vehicle, - Meet together.)

kitang ruha yangey kag matabo [kitáng ruhá yangéy kag matábò] id We two will just meet! (Is a reply to “Where’s my arrival gift?”). Kung waya ka it patabo kitang ruha yangey kag matabo. If you have no arrival gift we two will just meet hah! (sem. domains: - Touching, contact, - Meet together.)

sapoy-sapoy [sapoy-sápoy] (der. of sapoy) v 1To keep crossing, passing eachother (as of people walking different directions across a street). (sem. domains: - Meet together.) 2To keep happening close together (as of fast breaths). (sem. domains: - Quick.)