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bintahusa [bintahúsa] (der. of binta) n Person who takes financial advantage of somebody. sakim Abang bintahosa baga kinaong kabadi nak pati amo alagang pato ay aakuan. That girl wanted to take advantage of us because she even wanted to own our duck. (sem. domains: - Use a person, - Make profit.) der. pangbintahusa

hinaom [hiná-om] vi To become accustomed to doing something because of continuing success; to abuse somebody else; to take advantage of. namimihasa Nahinaom sinra it hagar it bulig sa amo. They are abusive in asking help from us. Naghihinaom sida it takaw it manok dahil waya sida girarakopa. He’s becoming accustomed to stealing chicken because he’s not being caught. syn: abuso 2, nanali. (sem. domains: - Habit, - Advantage, - Use a person, - Accustomed to.)

imbyar₂ [imbyár] vbt To entrust something to somebody. ipinagkatiwala Gingimbyar ni Rose kag dawi it bayay sa ida kabulig. Rose entrusted her house key to the housegirl. (sem. domains: - Entrust to the care of, - Use a person.)

nalansi [nalansí] v To take drastic action regarding a problem; to outwit, trick , fool. (sem. domains: - Deceive, - Use a person.)

nana nali [nana nalî] PH To take advantage of somebody; to be act in a presumptuous abusive way. (sem. domains: - Use a person.)

pangbintahusa [pangbintahúsa] (der. of bintahusa) v To takes financial advantage of somebody. (sem. domains: - Use a person, - Make profit.)

sulot [sulót] v To decieve, cheat, trick. (sem. domains: - Use a person.)

uto-utu [uto-utû] vt To make a fool of somebody. To tug pull on someone,(as a child pulling on mothers hair to get attention). inuuto Ing-uuto-uto yang ra ninro si Tomas. You’re just making a fool of Tomas. (sem. domains: - Use a person.)