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bis-oy [bís-oy] 1adj Uncomfortable, rough, lumpy sensation or texture that can become painful (as of when getting something in one's eyes, a stone in one's shoe, eating stringy fruit or wearing rough cloth). masakit, malabo Nagbis-oy kag ako pagmuyat tong nasabligan ako it raga sa mata. I had unclear vision when sand got in my eyes. (sem. domains: - Comfortable.) 2v To feel physical discomfort, rough, lumpy texture that can become painful. (sem. domains: - Comfortable.)

hapo-hapo [hapo-hapô] v To caress, to touch tenderly, to touch lightly so as to calm or settle a child. (sem. domains: - Comfortable, - Touch.)

hilway [hílway] 1adj Comfortable; to feel free, at peace or not inconvenienced; relieved; to feel at ease. Mahilwayey sida nak nag-abotey tong ida kabulig tahapon. She feels relieved because her helper arrived yesterday. Mas hilway pa kag ako buhay kung waya ikaw hali. My life is at peace if you are not here. (sem. domains: - Relaxed, - Comfortable.) 2vi To be comfortable; to be relieved from trouble; to be at peace. gaan, luwag Nahilway sida pagkamatay it ida asawa. She was relieved from trouble when her husband died. Naghilway kag inra pangabuhi katong nakatrabahoey kag inra mga anak. Their life was peaceful when all their children had jobs. Nagpapahilway sa ako kag imo pagbulig sa ako. Your help to me caused me to be relieved. (sem. domains: - Relaxed, - Comfortable.)

kasamboy [kasámboy] adj To feel uncomfortable (as with caught up underwear, or the feeling of grit in one’s eyes). (sem. domains: - Comfortable, - Pain.)

sapya [sápya] adj Rough. gaspáng Buko pa tapos kinang lamesa dahil masapya pa kag liwas. The table is not finished yet because the outer surface is still rough. (sem. domains: - Comfortable.)