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bitag [bítag] n Trap, ambush, sting operation (as of what the police do to catch a criminal etc.). Sa wakas narakop ra katong mananakaw sa bitag it mga pulis. At last the thief was caught in the trap set by the policemen. (sem. domains: - Police, - Ambush.)

hepe [hépe ] n Chief of Police. PC (sem. domains: - Police.)

imbistagador [imbistagadór] n Investigator (sem. domains: - Police.)

kasa₁ [kasá] vbt To be ready to shoot, pull the trigger of a gun; have gun loaded. kasa Kasaha nak raan kinang baril bag-o magpayungot sa buang. Get your gun’s trigger ready before getting near the lunatic man. (sem. domains: - Police, - Weapon, shoot.)

sonson [sónson] vt To follow after; to trace; to summon or fetch somebody. sundan Ingsonson it iro kag ako ingrayanan papagto sa banwa. The dog followed my path to town. Ginsonson it pulis kag anak sa eskwelahan nak nagpanakaw it manok. The child that stole the chicken was fetched in school by the police. (sem. domains: 7.6.1 - Search, - Police.)

tsapa [tsápa] n Badge. (sem. domains: - Police.)

wangwang [wángwang] n Whine of a siren, as of police car. (sem. domains: - Police.)