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borboranan [borboránan] n Place name in the forest where where a spring is located. kagubatan Nagbaoy sinra it haligihon sa borboranan. They got some posts in the forest. (sem. domains: 9.7.2 - Name of a place, - Forest, grassland, desert.)

disyerto [disyérto] n Desert. disyérto (sem. domains: - Forest, grassland, desert.)

gilhi [gílhì] 1vbt To cut, slit something intentionally (as with knife). Inggilhian nida kag anit it kahoy agor makabaoy sida’t duga. He cut the bark of the tree so he can get its sap. (sem. domains: - Wood, - Lumbering, 7.8.3 - Cut, - Remove, take apart, 7.8.2 - Crack, 6.2.3 - Plant a field, - Furrow, 1.2.1 - Land, - Cheat.) 2vi To crack (as of parched ground, wood, fruit or skin). biak Naggilhi kag inra ringring nak kahoy sa sobrang kainit it panahon. Their wooden wall cracked due to the very hot weather. (sem. domains: - Forest, grassland, desert, 1.2.1 - Land.)

hawanan [hawánan] (der. of hawan) n A clearing; an area of land without any trees. (sem. domains: - Forest, grassland, desert, 5.6 - Cleaning, 5.6.5 - Sweep, rake.)

hayasan [hayásan] (der. of hayas) n Cleared land. (sem. domains: - Land, property, - Forest, grassland, desert, - Yard, 1.2.1 - Land.)

ilada [iláda] n Uninhabited. (sem. domains: - Forest, grassland, desert.)

kabonbon [kabónbon] (der. of bonbon) n Thick growth as in grove of bamboo. (sem. domains: - Forest, grassland, desert.)

kaguyangan [kaguyángan] (der. of guyang) n Virgin, tropical rain forest; jungle (as of a place with fullgrown big old trees where no one lives). kagubatan (sem. domains: - Forest, grassland, desert.)

kakahuyan [kakahúyan] (der. of kahoy) n Forest; a place where there are trees. (sem. domains: - Forest, grassland, desert.)

kalikutan [kalikután] (comp. of likot) n Neglected area of land where grass, thorns, trees etc. grow wild; undergrowth. (sem. domains: - Forest, grassland, desert.)

kayatian₁ [kayatîan] (der. of yati) n Deserted forrest where evil spirits live. (sem. domains: - Forest, grassland, desert.)

kayatian₂ [kayatían] n Distant forest where no one lives. kagubatan (sem. domains: - Forest, grassland, desert.)

sinrong [sínrong] 1n Shade; an area where there is shade. lilim Hina butangan kag mga bangko sa ingwa it sinrong. You place those chairs in the area where there is shade. syn: yampoy 1, yanrong. (sem. domains: - Forest, grassland, desert.) 2vi To keep something, somebody away from the heat of the sun. Pasinrongi kinang anak ag hinayang sida sa mayampoy adong indi gisagnaton. Please keep the child away from the heat of The sun and let her stay in the shaded area so she won’t get sick. (sem. domains: - Care for a baby.)

yampoy [yámpoy] 1adj Shady. malilim syn: sinrong 1, yanrong. (sem. domains: - Forest, grassland, desert.) 2vi To be shaded. Nayayampuyan kag mga buyak kada waya giyayadong kag rahon. The flowers are shaded that’s why its leaves don’t wither.